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  1. Reece

    Reece Member

    Question of the Day:

    <blockquote>What online tools should I use to monitor and manage my search engine optimization?

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  2. Amber

    Amber New Member

    I do get this question often, and when you have been in search engine optimization as long as I have (at my 1st SEO gig we had to check our company keywords in search engines manually) I have reviewed a lot of SEO management tools in my past.
    In order to simplify this list, I have categorized these tools based on 4 different elements of SEO Management:

    Keyword Research:
    - Google Keyword Tool –
    - Google Trends –
    - KeywordSpy/ SpyFu –
    - Good old’ fashion peeping – Looking through your competitors’ websites for keywords

    On-Page SEO:
    - SEO Yoast Wordpress Plug-in-
    - SEO Doctor-

    Off-Page SEO:
    - Buzzstream –
    - SEOBook Firefox Add-on -
    - Foxy SEO Tool Firefox Add-on -

    Keyword SERP Tracking:
    - Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) -
    - OpenSiteExplorer (OSE) -
    - SERPTrends SEO Firefox Add-on -
    - CCleaner -

    These types of tools come and go daily, so if you have any recommendations, please add them!

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  3. leo

    leo Member

    I use Ahrefs regularly to view link profiles. I primarily use the New/Lost Links Tab and the list of links to sites organized by anchor text. Ahrefs isn't cheap ($80/month to $500/month), but it's very useful.

  4. emiliehudson

    emiliehudson New Member

    I use the SEOquake plugin for Firefox and Chrome. It will show you certain SEO parameters (that you can set in preferences) on your toolbar when you visit a website.
  5. GeneralManager1

    GeneralManager1 New Member

    Great sharing about SEO Management Tools for Small Business..Its really useful one for newbies..I really appreciate such guidelines..Keep sharing such stuff..
  6. James Greenwood

    James Greenwood New Member

    Since marketing automation tools have been practicing much nowadays, I am quite confused whether they are suitable for a small business organization. I am telling that in the context of their budget.
  7. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    I think that just about every type of business can benefit from at least some marketing automation tools, if not several. Depending on your industry and the following that it has, marketing automation will likely save you a lot of valuable time (a small business owner's most precious resource) that you can then commit to other tasks.
  8. Aishley

    Aishley New Member

    I think Ahrefs and SEMrush work best for business SEO management.
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  9. There are numerous online tools available in the market. But I prefer Ahref over all the tools.
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  10. Thoma Patel

    Thoma Patel New Member

    Different people use different tools to track SEO performance of any website/business. Being a Marketer, I am using Ahrefs and Moz to track my website performance.
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  11. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    We also use Ahrefs and Moz in our marketing strategy. The MozBar plugin for Chrome is incredibly helpful & unobtrusive for quickly determining Domain Authority and Page Authority of sites.
  12. SamuelKennedy

    SamuelKennedy Member

    I use the Google Keyword Tool, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Canva, WordPress, Buzzstream, and much more SEO Management Tools that help in managing various SEO Activities.
    In addition, I also use monitoring software to monitor business activities in real-time hours.
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  13. Victoria_91

    Victoria_91 New Member

    I use Ahrefs and Screaming Frog on daily basis.
  14. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    Ahrefs is great!
  15. Anne87

    Anne87 New Member

    Well, as everyone's already pointed out, my vote goes to Ahrefs - it helps me monitor my competitors, my website's performance and also do a keyword research. Great tool.
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