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Discussion in 'Register a Domain Name' started by LogoItForward, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. LogoItForward

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    I'm using a blog to eliminate the costs of web hosting and domain name. I reconstructed the html code of the blog to make it appear as a webpage instead. Is it worthwhile to purchase a domain name and redirect it to my blog to eliminate the 'blogspot' added onto the end of current blogsite address in my signature below. Would customer's care?
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  2. leo

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    I clicked on the link for your blogspot blog, but I got the "page not found" error. I think the question of whether you need a domain name can only be answered by knowing what your customers are looking for.
  3. LogoItForward

    LogoItForward New Member

    I updated the website link. Not sure what happened. Can you try again?
  4. leo

    leo Member

    The simple answer is that I would suggest purchasing a domain. But, by the time that I got to this, it looks like you've already taken care of that. In case you're interested, I'll give you some other thoughts about why it was a good idea that might make you think of some other things you can do with your domain.

    <li>Since your website is a business website, it is a good investment in your future. You can register a domain for less than $15/ year, which will give you some protection in case another company tries to use that name.</li>
    <li>If you register your domain, you will be able to get an email address with [your-name] Both Google and Yahoo have business email services that make this pretty easy (Here is a link to the ChooseWhat How To on the subject: <a title="How to set up free business email accounts" href="" target="_blank"></a>. If you look at the tips at the bottom, it describes the free Google Apps account that Google offers, so you can get up to 50 email addresses on your website domain name for free).</li>
    <li>You might also consider using a website builder to make a little bit more robust website and not have to use a redirect to the blogspot page. Many website builders cost as little as $10/ month. If you want to use 1&1 (which is a good website builder), here is a how to guide on how to use it: We have almost completed a full comparison and review section on website builders that should be live next week.</li>
    Hope that helps.

  5. paralegal1

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    Interesting question LogoItForward. I work for a law firm that specialzes in intellectual property and I shared your inquiry with Brian Hall, an attorney, here at Traverse Legal. He provided this response:

    It is always worth the small investment to register the domain name corresponding to your business. If you do not, someone else will and it will cost you more money to get it back. However, you should be aware that even though the domain name may be available, you want to make sure registering and using it does not subject you to claims of cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is the registration or use of a domain name with a bad faith intent to profit. Given your legitimate business, it is unlikely that it would qualify as cybersquatting. However, you would be well-served to have a trademark availability assessment performed, and if clear, seek trademark registration protection for your mark. A trademark registration attorney can help you. Note this is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship; you should retain legal counsel should you wish to purse the above-identified issues.

    Additionally, our website at provides substantial information on domain matters and trademarks.

    Hope this is helpful.

  6. the ceo

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    your blog URL isn't working my suggestion is creating a website for your services
  7. Charles T

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    Shameless self-plug: we have a How To section of our site on Choosewhat that outlines how to both Register A Domain Name and Build A Website, in two separate tabs.

    Highly recommend to anyone who is buying their first domain.
  8. Cosmo Films

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    yes if you want to get best rank for your blog on SERP then buying a domain name will be the best decision. Because .com domain can outdate your blogspot domain.
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  9. amycooper

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    I highly recommend buying a domain. In SEO perspective, a free blog site has a minimum opportunity to rank on search engines and achieve domain authority.
  10. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @amycooper Great point!

    Happy to now have you in here - you're providing some great replies!
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