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Discussion in 'Website Development & Online Marketing' started by Matt, May 9, 2017.

  1. Matt

    Matt New Member

    I built my site using Squarespace, but I'm getting a bit frustrated with some of it's limitations regarding SEO. For example, SS dynamically creates product pages for my different types of products, but those pages don't have unique URLs, so I can't use different title tags. Furthermore, I can't add any text to the product pages, which makes it much harder to get the content ranked.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Drew Hudgins

    Drew Hudgins New Member

    Matt! Hey, some ideas come to mind… some very doable ones but it's going to help a ton more (my response—or anyone in these forums who'd like to contribute—will be a 10x better/deeper/more ideas how to win at this) to know first, what your products are.

    (without knowing, some suggestions are just 'crap shoots' or worthless guesses)

    What are you selling? Will you post a product page?
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  3. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Thanks for replying Drew. I actually figured out the solution on Squarespace. The workaround was to create standard pages and load the products into those pages then create a text section at the top to put some introductory content and a code block below it where I could insert the navigation. It's not exactly an "elegant" solution, but it allows me to put unique title tags on each category page and add the content that I needed to help with both conversion and SEO.
  4. Drew Hudgins

    Drew Hudgins New Member

    Okay cool.

    I didn't know if you were into some simply DIY ideas that others usually don't think to do. Sounds like you were looking for a way to simply get your custom text plugged on the page?
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  5. Matt

    Matt New Member

    I'll probably have to switch platforms at some point, but, since I figure this out, I'll probably stick with SS for the time being. The site looks really good and converts well, so I really don't want to have to rebuild from scratch.
  6. ExeterStudios

    ExeterStudios New Member

    id get a domain name and then a quality website. This will allow you to do SEO more effectively. Domains should be purchased by you and not a third party so you retain ownership
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  7. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    Thanks for the input. Cheers!
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  8. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    I think you can switch to Wix or Weebly because both are easy to do SEO
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