The best and most effective way to advertise a local business (it's free too!)

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    Hi guys,

    I am a small business owner myself and we discovered the BEST way to advertise our business. We've literally tried EVERYTHING, and pretty much most forms of advertising is very expensive and rarely effective. We've done facebook ads (very expensive and NOT effective), door hangers (semi-effective, semi-expensive, and VERY labor intensive), t-shirts (expensive), bus ads (expensive, semi-effective), flyers (semi-effective, VERY labor intensive), just to name a few. Then, we discovered the perfect advertising model. Our business is a restaurant, but I'm sure it would work for any business. We started giving out free food, just so people can try us out. In just 4 months, our customer base tripled and our revenues nearly doubled! So that's why we decided to create a website designed to do just that. It's You can go on there to post vouchers for customers to try your product or service and if they like what you do, they'll come back! Freedoh is completely free to use, and always will be. We're really doing this because we understand how expensive advertising is and it's frustrating how ineffective it is most of the time. That's why when we discovered such a great marketing model, we had to share it! It's free to use, and the only catch is that whatever you give out, whether it be a full priced item or just a sample, it must be completely free no strings attached. If you can give customers an opportunity to try out your business completely obligation and risk free, they come for sure. Competition is so fierce that really most people would probably never know about your business' existence unless they had a reason to go give it a shot. Giving them a taste of what you do completely risk free is that reason and they have no reason to deny coming through your door. It worked for us, so I hope it will work for all of you. Check it out at, and you can sign up for a business account at

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    Great idea, but you can use google my business for local restaurants it will help you to attract more customers.
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