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    My coworker recently wrote great article with 4 questions to ask yourself when naming your business:

    Here are some of the questions she asked:

    * Is it reflective of our services?
    * Should I use a family name or a trade name?
    * How will it look written out?
    * Is it easy to pronounce?
    * Does it distinguish me from the competition?
    * What connotations does my proposed name evoke?"

    With the importance of websites now for small business, it's also important to look for a business name that will come with a great domain name. So you should also look at whether the domain name you want is available, and whether it will be easy to find and remember.

    Anyone have any other tips? How did you choose your company's name?

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    I would say that domain name availability for your business name is absolutely critical. There are so many name possibilities that choosing one that already has the .com version taken is not a good option. For a young business, it's not worth the time or money to create this problem for yourself.

    Also, if you are having trouble coming up with a good, brand-able name for your business, pick a simple name like YourLastName Enterprises, so you can get started. This way, you have a name you can use to file your incorporation documents, set up your bank accounts, etc. Sometimes picking the right name for branding purposes takes a while, but you don't want that to prevent you from setting up everything else. Later, when you've picked the branded name, you can easily set up a DBA (Doing Business As) for it, so you don't have to re-do all the work you completed to set up the business.

    This Guide will help you come up with a good operational name for your business:

    Here are some additional resources you should read when registering your domain name:

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    One more tip: Lose the puns!

    Maybe it's just personal preference, but a punny business name always turns me off. Does your business’s name evoke groans every time you say it? Then you should probably not go with it.Even if it seems clever at first, how long will the joke seem fresh? For some reason, trying to make a really “clever” business name is a strong instinct with small business owners – but think of the larger companies you really respect, how many of them have names like: “Shears looking at you kid! Incorporated”? (Made that one up myself!)

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    I think punny names are OK, but it really depends on what type of business you're in (and how bad or good the pun is). Plenty of restaurants and boutiques get away with puns all the time, and not all of them make you groan. But, if you're in another industry or market, you may want to consider something more professional or traditional. Check out my blog post on 7 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Small Business Name.

    I'm interested to read any comments you might have about that post as well!

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    We also can search the keyword on google,then choose the domain .

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    Thanks for sharing .
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    Hey, that's really helpful tips, thanks for sharing.
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    ah HA! Wooo. it took some diggin :-D

    But I found this resource that is perfect to dig out for people in this boat.

    There's lots of great info: HOWEVER, if it starts to overwhelm you, stop reading. This is one of those articles that you can read a fraction of it and pull out a ton of inspiration … and just table it if you feel yourself getting paralyzed

    Positioning your Start up … Here's How to Nail It
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    Thank you for sharing this
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    my business site is about movies. its name is Cutinsight. the idea of this name is to cut the most important information about movies into one site
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    Hey, there are some excellent suggestions; thank you for sharing them.
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    Avoid hard-to-spell names. Don't pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows. Conduct a thorough Internet search. Get the .com domain name. Use a name that conveys some meaning. Conduct a trademark search
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    Thanks for this information!

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