Top Rated Home Sewing Machine Model for Students

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    Top Rated Home Sewing Machine Model for Students

    If you are searching for top rated home sewing machines available in the market today, consider yourself at the right place. Students have to try different types of stitching techniques during their learning period. However, finding an appropriate model is not an easy job because of so many things to consider. Do not worry, we will help you get the best machine for the money.

    Our experts ensure that readers always get the best product. In this regard, they go through some personal experience before recommending [​IMG] top rated home sewing machines. Recently, they operated Janome 2212 Sewing Machine to test its performance and all incorporated features.


    Continue reading this post to know what our seasoned experts say about it!

    Why Janome?

    Janome is a brand that has been around for years, and its success lies in producing fast and durable models. One can use its machines for decades without issues because of the best quality manufacturing material, which makes it extremely lightweight too. Furthermore, its affordable home sewing machine models make it an attractive option for beginners or people looking to learn sewing.

    Is It Suitable for Commercial Use?

    Janome 2212 is an affordable home sewing machine on the market with versatile and easy-to-operate functions. The[​IMG] best sewing machine for home use can tackle domestic and commercial projects because of its 1000 stitches per minute speed, dial pattern selection, and adjustable stitches. Some other dominant features that make it stand apart from the rest of choices are:

    • Manual tension control
    • 4 step buttonhole
    • 12 stitches choices
    • Reverse stitching
    Our goal is to help new sewers by revealing the features and specifications of Janome 2212. Let us talk about the benefits of investing in this machine.

    What Makes It the Best Option?


    It has an easy turning dial to select the desired pattern or adjust stitches widths and lengths. A built-in light is present to help sewers work in low-light conditions. Automatic bobbin winding allows users to execute their tasks rapidly. Hence, one can rely on it to tackle all kinds of sewing tasks with ease.

    A brand may claim to offer a good sewing machine for home use, but features will prove them wrong. Therefore, many people tend to use Janome’s models for sewing dresses quickly and accurately. On the other hand, many models are much slower as well as also provide low-quality results. You can use it for thin fabrics such as wool and synthetics. It uses a precise needle to stitch the material, while most models in the market do not.

    What Did We Reveal from Interviews?

    Now, let us disclose information that our experts gathered through interviewing different professional sewers. They name it the best model that allows working with the fastest possible speed. To give us a brief idea of what makes it a[​IMG] good sewing machine for home use, they highlighted its built-in stitches and buttonhole choices. Due to its lightweight, one can move around it without any hassle.


    Janome 2212 is one of the best sewing machines for tackling complex projects in a breeze. It has a great variety of features, but its prominent features are its speed, adjustable tension, and free arm.
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