TSYS vs WorldPay

Discussion in 'Credit Card Processing' started by DeliaLum, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Which one is more efficient TSYS of WorldPay?
  2. leo

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    Which product from TSYS and WorldPay would you be using? POS, mobile, web only? When you say efficient, are you looking for lowest fees or something else? Will this be US transactions or somewhere else?
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    If you are looking for most trusted Payment gateway service provider I would recommend you Paycron for best Online Payment Solution. You can Avoid the hassle and risk associated with credit card processing! Receive payments within 5 minutes, from your customers. Customers must have a valid checking account at any bank in the U.S.

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    You get paid 100% of the amount billed.
    Pay Online Option Online Available
    P2P Payment Solution-
    Your transaction fees are pre-paid & billed separately

    We can host you on our platform, whether you are Domestic, or Offshore, but your customers must be US based and have a US bank account. Boarding our platform will require a five-minute application and we generally can have your operators set up with a virtual POS terminal to conduct transactions within one day. Transactions are settled, and electronic check sent to you within five minutes. We off a one-time boarding fee of $49.99 and a monthly Gateway access fee of 19.00, plus a transaction fee, based on your industry, generally between 4.95 – 12 percent.

    Email-: support@paycron.com
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