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    How to manage a vacation tracking software?

    Creating an employee leave system is the most appropriate way of tracking leave benefits given to employees. It helps to manage time sheets and leave without interfering with other human resource information. The leave system manages annual leaves, personal leaves, sick leaves, vacation, state family leave, PTO, MLA, workman’s compensation leave, bereavement leave and professional leave.

    The system automatically adds up leave over periods including practical periods such as semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually, weekly, bi-weekly or even hourly. Leave management systems gives the employers the ability to confidently and accurately answer employee questions relating to leaves and vacations.

    It doesn’t have offline running feature, you must have to be always online for using this software.

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    Hey Common,

    I haven't researched vacation tracking software much, but is an online program that lets you track time off for up to 20 employees. Let me know what you think about it if you use it.


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