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Discussion in 'Website Development & Online Marketing' started by Michelle Rae, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Michelle Rae

    Michelle Rae New Member

    What is the best website builder for photographers? I want it to be easily SEO optimized, easy photo sharing and purchasing. Should I use a blog or standalone site?

  2. Reece

    Reece Member

    Thanks for your post! I will pass this on to our "Website Builders" manager along with a few other people who will try to respond as soon as possible.

  3. Lindsey

    Lindsey New Member

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for your questions. There are a lot of great website builders for photographers. Most of the website builders on are great for being used as a photography website. Some good ones to check out are Yola, Moonfruit, and Wix. Most website builders allow for a blog. Blogs are great for SEO if they are maintained regularly because they provide fresh, new content which is a must for the search engines, create gateways for new visitors,and help with gaining backlinks.If you have time to manage a blog, I would go with a website builder that allows a blog to be added. This will also be something you can market to your social media followers which will help with your SEO efforts.

  4. scsinsurance

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    Great Discussion going on in the post!!!

  5. Drew Hudgins

    Drew Hudgins New Member

    Hey Michelle Rae!

    I hope I can provide some helpful feedback about this.

    I completely understand your concern about SEO. I offer my spin (based on 8 years of making media and sites), lay as best a foundation as you can… do the best with what you know… but move on quickly. In other words, don't put many eggs in your SEO basket.

    Here's why I "evangelize" such a message. I've worked with clients (building their sites) where we "followed all the rules" and still nuthin'… a waste. Then (most) others, we followed the most basic "best practices" and they rocked it.

    But it takes time. SEO can take years to see results!! (and there are so many variables, one realizes they are “in way deeper” in this geekery much more than they care to be! They could be making money — serving people, planning, etc.)

    Most biz owners can be landing some serious sales, or at least some great leads, within the day or week, whereas I've witnessed far too many others paralize themselves (and their businesses) worrying about SEO.

    Now—back to your question—and after having said that, get this: it doesn't much matter.

    Yep. So by now I know you either wanna kick me in my shins… but really, I hope you're breathing a sigh of relief! You can go with about anything—there are SOOOOOO many other factors when it comes to SEO (especially “Local SEO”) that are far beyond your own website. Just to prove the point, I Googled "photographers" in my local area. (I know most personally).

    And man! The BEST and MOST TALENTED photographers did NOT show up! And I can promise you they're using website platforms that blow away the ones who DID show!

    I mean, get this: ONE of the photographers that out-ranked a much more talented pal was using a "Flash-based" website!!! Even back in 2012, it was becoming widely known that those were on their way out fast! Flash?! Yeeowzahs! But it still out-ranked other serious artists!

    Follow up question (while it's on my mind): How big of a town do you live in? and what's the reach you'd like to have? (region? Think, "If I was to stick a pin on the map and make a circle, how many miles out would I realistically travel to shoot?)

    Other follow up: On a 10 point scale, how does your hands-on nerdiness rank? :)

    Okay, now I'll give you some possibilities. … 3 or 4… and PLEASE, you can hit me back for more questions.

    • Wordpress (self hosted), you'll need to rank fairly high on the nerd scale (IMHO). That's because there are inevitable things that pop up (spam, integrations, *just the right* plugin or theme that will let you "display" your beautiful shots exactly how you want… this. is. laborious!)

    • Wix - I don't have personal exp. w/ it but wow, it really seems to have some great out-of-the-gate possiblities. 50% off right now too, and it even includes the domain! I saw some great looking examples. (THIS LINK came in my email… I hope it's usable. It not? Then call in and request it OR sign up for a free account and I bet you get an email with the offer before the weekend's over!)

    • GoDaddy's builder - Has come a long way and they keep improving it. Now I'll offer my own link here because, in all transparency, I resell GD products (as a 'done-for-you' agency, it's simplified my life to guide clients to their EXCELLENT support. In fact, I'm the top caller. But we always solve the problem). I'll link to my builder right here (I've priced it with mere pennies on profit ONLY because I want to help as many small town biz owners get going with something affordable).

    • SquareSpace - I do have a friend who's using this. Looks great and sounds like he has a great experience.

    • One more: XPRS Site builder. I HAVE played with this and this thing is beatiful! Again, I believe the pricing is very reasonable. When I toyed with it some, it just seemed so extremely intuitive which is what busy small-biz owners need! Low learning curve! "Get-outta-my-way-and-let-me-do-stuff" tools! So I really liked this one, however, I don't have extensive experience with it.

    Alright, enough talkin' shop for now

    Feel free to ping back or just update us on your progress!

  6. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    you can use Weebly to build your website or hire someone to build your website
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    @the ceo
    • For your last post that has the "someone" link: you should be able to hit "Edit" at the bottom of the post, then double click on the word "someone", click the "Link" button above the post (looks like a chain link symbol), and put in a working hyperlink there, then click "Save Changes" to update your post.
    • For your "About You" section that appears below your posts and includes the mis-linked word "Website" in the text "We'll Design And Build Your Website For You..." you can follow this same process, but you'll find that section in your Profile (found by clicking on your name "the ceo" in the top right corner of this page or by navigating to Settings > Personal Details)
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    thank you
  11. pippasmi

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    You can also try the hPage website builder. It has an extensive file hosting storage and you can easily input photo galleries in your web pages. So the photo gallery has a slideshow feature if you're into that for your photos.
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