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Discussion in 'Credit Card Processing' started by Reece, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Reece

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    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask any questions you have about Credit Card Payment systems as well as Merchant Account services in this forum by posting to this discussion thread or creating a new topic.

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  2. Emma Megan

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    To take an e-commerce business to heights and keep up with strong customer base, having the best merchant account that’s compatible with the business is very important.
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  3. Emma Megan

    Emma Megan New Member

    Payment processing system is changing faster. You should know about latest innovative ways to make payments for goods and services.
  4. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    Hi @Emma Megan ,

    Other than contacting Paycron, do you have any advice for readers on what they can do to educate themselves regarding how payment processing is changing? Any resources to recommend?
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  5. Emma Megan

    Emma Megan New Member

    Hi Charles T,
    Yes, i have resources for payment processing is changing.
    Payment industry is unpredictable and changes in its trends happen at an unprecedented rate. Evolving technologies are one of the main reasons behind these sudden shifts. However, change in customer behavior and expectations are also the key players. While this results in challenges for the credit unions, it does open up a bag of opportunities.
    Here i am sharing link for more details: paycron.com/7-upcoming-trends-for-payments-technology-for-2019
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