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Discussion in 'Business Software' started by Reece, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Reece

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    This is a place where you can ask and answer questions about acquiring basic software for your small business. The ChooseWhat staff and research team will do our best to answer your questions, but we can’t answer everything. While you’re looking through the questions and answers, please contribute where you can.

  2. leo

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    Here is a "How To" on the subject: http://www.choosewhat.com/how-to/get-ba ... s-software

    If you want to share a little bit about your specific business needs, we may be able to help more.
  3. Kickstart15

    Kickstart15 New Member

    Okay I run physical store and has eCommerce site. Struggling to managing inventory in real time. Someone suggested Emerge App inventory and warehouse management app. Not sure if it's worth the money or we can just hire an IT to write the app for us.

    Any advice?
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  4. Charles T

    Charles T Administrator

    @Kickstart15 great question! What type of inventory do you keep? Where do you run your physical store and handle your inventory from?
  5. roxane

    roxane New Member

    Whatever you choose, inventory is one of the most important issue in a business. You need a good system but also physical checking
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  6. JasonDavis

    JasonDavis New Member

    Hi! Financial Model Templates at finmodelslab.com/financial-modeling-forecasting is also basic software for small business.
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  7. Olivia Jackson

    Olivia Jackson New Member

    The way in which PoS is working in a harsh environment like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores etc, should be equipped with components which can run over those situations. It will help a lot in managing Restaurant Payment Services and in handling expenses. A PoS in bakery and other kinds of stores will be much more beneficial to the customers, as they can save their time and effort; they only need to swipe their cards. One has to only spend a minimum amount of time doing wasteful date entry. Customers can input their own orders online instead of faxing or calling us to enter/change their orders. This has resulted in tremendous savings and is very convenient for the restaurants and bakery owners.

    PoS in department stores helped to solve the problems in stock maintenance as there were thousands of pieces in different design, size and colors. With the help of a barcode based solution they can easily categorize items and their price. Also the problem in maintaining cash and inventory can be easily solved by using PoS.
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  8. the ceo

    the ceo Member

    Thank you...
  9. SamuelKennedy

    SamuelKennedy Member

    Hello Everyone!
    This is really the best forum site where we can get basic information about every kind of business software. I can share & suggest the best employee monitoring software.
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  10. Radhika Patil

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    Looking for Software for your Business?

    Check out our list of Best Software solutions at Technology Counter Pvt Ltd.

    Thank you
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  11. Radhika Patil

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    Which type of software are you looking for your Business?

    I will help you to find the best software.

    Thank you

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