What SEO technique that helps your website ranked?

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    What SEO technique that helps your website ranked?
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    There are a vast multitude of approaches to improving your website ranking with SEO techniques. Many companies hire full time SEO specialists or outsource to SEO services for help, because it requires a pretty substantial time investment to tackle thoroughly. That said, below are some techniques that I've personally come across.

    First (and arguably foremost), paying particular attention to the words used in your Meta Tags (such as Titles, section Headings, and Descriptions) will help search engines better crawl your page, and therefore make your pages available in relevant searches that use similar words and phrases.

    Having a site that loads quickly on both desktop and mobile browsers will help your ranking. Be sure that that your images are not any higher quality than they absolutely need to be, as larger ones can really slow down a site's initial load time. Also, ensure that the structure, design, and arrangement of your site lends itself to quick loading and navigation from page to page.

    Prospecting and outreach to sites that are complimentary to your own can be very valuable too. Commenting on similar blogs, pages, and even reaching out to site writers/moderators directly can help you find potential linking relationships. When other reputable sites with steady traffic reference your site, it can create a considerable boost in your search ranking.
    However, one warning about posting links reciprocally: beyond the mutual benefit of appearing on each other's sites and therefore to each other's audiences, tit-for-tat link posting reciprocally with another site largely negates the benefit of linking, as Google nullifies the value of reciprocal links.

    Hope that these tips help! There are many books, articles, and blogs out there dedicated to SEO techniques - my advice is to find some that are specific to your industry and experiment!
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    Some Basic SEO techniques helps your website ranked : -

    1: Get to know the Google ranking algorithm
    2: Assess your current search ranking
    3: Track and measure the right metrics
    4: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
    5: Diagnose and fix your current penalties
    6: Do keyword research
    7: Perfect your on-page SEO
    8: Use your keywords to create great content
    9: Build links the right way
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