What's the best credit card for my business?

Discussion in 'Business Credit Card' started by Steven A, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Steven A

    Steven A New Member

    I recently started my own online business and was looking to get a credit card to handle my business expenses. I was wondering what the best credit card would be for a small business such as mine and what I should look for in terms of annual fees, APR, rewards, etc.
  2. Reece

    Reece Member

    Steven, what kind of rewards are you looking for (monetary, gifts, airline miles, etc.)? Right now we are in the process of getting a new category on ChooseWhat that will help answer your question. If you join our Newsletter mailing list you will be alerted whenever that and other new categories are up and live on the site.
  3. anisha

    anisha New Member

    Actually Steven A you have not mentioned what kind of online business you have started. I would like to know the business type. It will obviously matters according to your business type.
    You also can consult someone who has better solution and recommendation.
    Just I think it will be better if you can choose a company which will help you and support your business.
    I have heard about credit card relief, I think they work for financial matters. You can consult them too.


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