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How To: Select a Business Coffeemaker

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Best Coffee Machine for BusinessYour coffeemaker is about to be your best friend, so make sure to choose the right one.

In your first year of business, you’ll be frequently burning the midnight oil and a quick dose of caffeine is a perfect pick-me-up. Since you won’t have time—or the extra resources—to constantly visit your local Starbucks, purchasing a coffeemaker for your business is a great solution.

Below is our guide on how to purchase the most important piece of equipment for your office.

Determine the Type of Machine

Coffee is a very personal beverage. Everyone likes their coffee in their own particular way, so it’s not surprising that you can choose from a wide array of different types of makers. The machine you ultimately purchase depends solely on your preferences.

Ultimately coffeemakers can be broken down into the following varieties:

  • Drip Coffeemakers
    For drip machines, you can either get pre-ground coffee beans or whole beans to grind yourself. If you don’t want to purchase a grinder, you can go with a basic drip coffeemaker.
  • Coffeemakers with Grinders
    If you prefer grinding your own beans, you will need a grinder for your new business. Either you can get a machine that has both a drip coffeemaker and a grinder built in, or you can purchase separate items. Buying the combo machine is convenient, but you may want to consider getting separate tools in case you need to replace the grinder if it wears out instead of replacing the whole machine.
  • Espresso Machines
    For those who enjoy specialty coffee, such as cappuccinos or lattes, you’ll need a more specialized machine. Again, your personal preference will come into play when purchasing.
  • Single-Serve Brewers
    If your new business is only you and you don’t drink much coffee, you can always find a machine that makes less java than the machines listed above.   

Research Machines

The easiest way to find the perfect coffeemaker for your new business is to conduct an search and narrow it down by one of the types listed above. Upon determining which type of machine you want, you can then search through the coffeemakers on Amazon to get a better feel for what's out there in terms of features and pricing.

Check out the bestselling coffeemakers on Amazon:

Choose Features and Read Reviews

Once you've researched the machines more extensively, you can then filter your Amazon search based on several features, such as:

  • Capacity: If you’re going to have more coffee drinkers than just you, consider getting a larger pot.
  • Color: This is your own personal choice.
  • Brand: Go for a trusted brand.
  • Price: If you’re a big coffee drinker, a fancier machine might be justified for you, but go with what you know you can afford.
  • Star Ratings and Reviews: Search for a machine with a high star rating and also one that has at hundreds of reviews.

After narrowing your search to a couple of machines, make sure to read through many reviews for those machines--both negative and positive. It's important to read why people are complaining about a machine. You never know if a machine will last longer than a month if you don’t read customer reviews.

Purchase Your Machine and Enjoy Your Coffee

Once you’ve determined your ideal machine, go ahead and purchase it. Then assemble your coffeemaker and enjoy your first brew! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office and you’ll definitely enjoy having coffee you love.

Friendly Tips

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  • Make sure to weigh the costs of a machine against the cost of a nearby coffee shop. Some of these machines are expensive, and it could take a while to recoup the costs.
  • If your small business already has a handful of employees, you might want an espresso machine, but consider getting a regular coffeemaker as well because it’s easier to use.
  • There’s a whole debate on cone versus flat-bottomed filters. Some say that the coffee is stronger with a cone filter, but it all boils down to your specific tastes.

Fair Warnings

We have yet to discover any alarming steps in this process. Proceed without fear!