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For all media inquiries, please send an email to If you need to reach somoene immediately, you may call the Zilker Ventures Media Department at 512-448-9031 x120. 

(Zilker Ventures, LLC manages see Company Information at bottom of this page) 

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ChooseWhat is the entrepreneur's startup guide. Entrepreneurs can follow the steps in our guide to build a strong foundation for their business. Each step includes an actionable "How To" that provides a simple overview, detailed steps, tips and warnings. Many of the steps also include relevant product comparison and STARTicles to help entrepreneurs select the right tools and design the best processes for their businesses. Finally, ChooseWhat offers a forum where entrepreneurs can post questions or comments and receive feedback from the ChooseWhat staff and the entrepreneurial community. History

In 2007, ChooseWhat Founder and CEO, Leo Welder, first developed the idea of building a Consumer Reports style website focused on business products and services rather than consumer goods. In order to test the idea, Leo with his then partner, Gaines Kilpatrick, created the entity, Zilker Ventures and proceeded to build a website to test the market's reaction to the idea. Because of their own frustration choosing an online fax service, which they intended to use to help with sending and receiving contracts with investors, banks, etc, the partnership decided to launch at the start of 2008, a simple, straigtforward comparison and review of online fax services. In order to generate revenue from this site, Zilker Ventures entered into affiliate relationships with several of the most popular online fax companies. Using paid search advertising on Google, Bing (then MSN) and Yahoo to capture relevant traffic, the website became profitable within the first three months.

After developing several other single purpose websites, the partnership decided to launch in early 2010, which initially was only a collection of comparisons and reviews of business products and services. Struggling to create an identity for itself, ChooseWhat relaunched the site in early 2011 with it's first Startup Guide (then called the "Business Checklist"). This list was extremely well received and became the primary focus of many of ChooseWhat's visitors. Therefore, the company continued to bolster this list with better and deeper supporting content.

In early 2015, the company relaunched using the Startup Guide as it's primariy navigation in attempt to further support entrepreneurs trying to launch their companies. Company Information, LLC is located in Austin, TX and is managed by Zilker Ventures, LLC. Both companies are subsidiaries of Zilker Holdings, LLC.

Zilker Ventures, LLC was created in October of 2007., LLC was later formed in 2008 followed by Zilker Holdings, LLC in 2010. Media Highlights:

  • March 25, 2016: blogger Kate Harrington listed among 10 writers every entrepreneur should read by
  • January 1, 2016: exceeds 800,000 unique visitors since 2011.
  • August 31, 2015: relaunches with a complete redesign featuring more intuitive navigation and better access to relevant resources in the Startup Guide.
  • March 7, 2015: adds a one-of-a-kind quoting tool for business VoIP services allowing entrepreneurs to generate and compare bottom line pricing (including regional taxes and fees) from four of the top business VoIP providers. 
  • March 2, 2012: again serves as the title sponsor of the Austin Under 40 awards ceremony.
  • January 25, 2012: and Austin Technolgy Incubator announce a formal partnership to help ATI companies build their foundations.
  • February 26, 2011: serves as the title sponsor of the Austin Under 40 awards ceremony.