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Services to Help Your Business Go Paperless

Nowadays there is a plethora of booming technology dedicated to making your office run more smoothly —and be greener. As Jen noted in her blog post a couple of months … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Create a Business Budget / Find Office Space / Get Basic Business Software / Uncategorized

How to Motivate Your Employees

Even though the economy is allegedly picking back up, in this day and age you have either gone through—or know someone who’s gone through—a series of company layoffs. Worrying about … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Elements of an Effective Website

As Jen talked about a few weeks ago, if you’re a business you NEED a website. Whether you use a web designer or a website builder, the reasons for having … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Remember around 2002 or so when everyone and their dog had a blog? All you would ever hear was “Check out my blog!” It became so ubiquitous that it wasn’t … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website / Promote With Social Media
virtual office at home

Should Your Office Go Virtual?

Earlier this month, Inc. Magazine published an article about its office’s experiment with going virtual for a month, meaning that for 30 days, the magazine’s employees went about their normal … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Find Office Space / Get a Business Phone System / Set Up a Fax Number / Set Up a Phone Number

SEO for Beginners

If you’re setting out to build a website for the first time, you’ll need to learn a little bit about SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is defined as the … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Negative Online Reviews: When Should You Respond and How?

Since the advent of online review websites, such as Yelp.com or Citysearch.com, it has become incredibly easy for any ol’ Internet user to really say what they feel about any … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Promote With Social Media

Best Google Apps for Your Small Business

As if Google didn’t have its hands in enough products, last week the search engine launched Google Apps Marketplace, a market that allows developers to sell software applications to the … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get Basic Business Software

Small Business Tax Deductions You Should Be Taking

With tax season upon us, one can easily become a little overwhelmed by all the tax rules, new changes, credits and deductions. Things are doubly confusing if you’re a small … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Get the Most Out of Interns at Your Small Business

As Jen pointed out last week, sometimes being a boss is tough. You have to make hard decisions all the while managing your company and your employees. And, if you … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Use Social Networks the Right Way—and Drive Your Business!

The University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business reported earlier this month that the number of small businesses adopting social media doubled last year from 12% to 24%, and nearly … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Promote With Social Media

How to Get More People to Open Your Emails

Did you know that North Americans open less emails than Europeans do? According to report conducted by email marketing solution GetResponse, only 10.76% of Americans who received targeted emails actually … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Select an Email Marketing Service
business cards

Why Order Business Cards Online?

You may have noticed we’ve updated ChooseWhat with a new section devoted to ordering business cards online. We’ve compared the most popular online business card printing sites in regards to … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Create Basic Marketing Materials / Order Business Cards