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Jen Udan

Web Content Specialist,

Jen Udan works on content development, PR/outreach and social engagement for She has been with ChooseWhat since March 2008 and has enjoyed working for the best startup in Austin. Jen graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English/philosophy and minor in rhetoric. She likes living in the ATX 78704, playing with her Miniature Schnauzers, writing, reading about writing, and tweeting about everything.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Outsourcing

Up to now, you’ve been able to handle everything from accounting to IT to web design in-house.  But, you’d like to grow your business, which requires you to free up … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

5 Things Betty White Can Teach Small Business Owners about Marketing

This past Saturday, at 88 ½ years old, Betty White became the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live (SNL). On top of that, she garnered the highest ratings since … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized

Top 10 Free Cloud Computing Tools for Small Businesses

Don’t have a lot of funds to start your business or to keep it running?  Bootstrapping can be a viable option for you; you’ve simply got to utilize the right … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized

7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Writers

It takes a thick skin to be a writer.  You’ve got to battle criticism and rejection on a daily basis and power through to get the piece and the job … Continue Reading

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how to name your business

7 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Small Business Brand Name

As we said in How to Name Your Business, your business name should be something you come up with fairly quickly in order to start setting up the foundation of … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Name Your Business

When you’re Strapped for Cash, Try Bartering Small Business Services

Remember Kyle MacDonald?  He’s the kid who started with one red paperclip and kept bartering over the course of a year to finally get a two-story house.  Although Kyle is … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Create a Business Budget

7 Savvy Ways to Stay in Business Longer than Everyone Else

Since the economic recession started, the media has panicked multiple times a day, lamenting the state of small businesses in columns, blogs and online zines.  But the truth is that … Continue Reading

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internet fax user

Hiring a Web Designer vs. Building Your Own Website

You want the first thing people see on your website to be an image mosaic of your photography.  You want to upload a viral video of your crazy web contest.  … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

What Female Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Guetta & Akon’s “Sexy (Bleep)”‘

The first time I heard Hip Hop/dance song “Sexy (Bleep)” by David Guetta ft. Akon, I sat in my car for a good 10 minutes afterward, having put the car … Continue Reading

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Top 3 Ways to Market Your Small Business, Guerilla-Style

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, the man who coined the term, “guerilla marketing” is a system of promotions that relies on “time, energy and imagination,” rather than a giant marketing … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Create Basic Marketing Materials / Promote With Social Media

7 Most Useful (and 7 Terrible) Business Card Designs

You may have noticed that there are a ton of really creative business cards being handed out by prospective employees, freelancers, artists and small businesses alike.  But, does creative = … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Order Business Cards

Small Business Owners: Don’t Be a Jerk.

Steve Strauss’ Ask an Expert column in today’s USAToday gives an interesting, but debatable, piece of advice to small business owners: sometimes you just “gotta be a jerk.”  I whole-heartedly … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Tools and Tips for an Eco-Friendly Office

Going “green” might sound expensive, but it actually can help save your business time and money in the long run.  Plus, being eco-friendly is easy and could be a fun … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized

No More Excuses for Not Having a Website!

Last year, I explained Why Your Small Business Needs a Web Site and responded to people who think that a website isn’t necessary for your business.  In conjunction with the … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Home Office Tax Deduction Tips

Spending time on your home office/business deductions can be worth it, as long as your deductions are credible and as exact as possible. The AP recently reported on the increasing … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Why “Free” Can Be More Trouble than It’s Worth

Today’s post is inspired by Chapter 3: “The Cost of Zero Cost” in Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational. The basic premise is that there is usually a cost associated with “free” … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized Has Been Re-Launched with 2009 Tax Software Reviews

We just re-launched our sister site,, with new reviews and information about filing your taxes this year. We’ve added a Price Calculator that determines your Recommended Products and tells … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Commission Junction Hearts Gov. Schwarzengger

Online advertising leader Commission Junction has created a new Facebook group dedicated to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently vetoed an “Internet Advertising Tax” bill for the State of California. … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized

Should Your Business Go Totally Mobile?

Well-known IT research firm, Gartner Inc., predicted last month that by 2011, mobile phones will completely replace desktop phones for the majority of businesses in North America ( This suggests … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get a Business Phone System / Set Up a Phone Number

Keeping Your Mom and Pop Shop Open via Web Optimization

A webinar I participated in yesterday (Using Your News to Drive SEO, via PRWeb) brought to light some very salient points that directly relate to my last post about web … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website