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Carol J. Slott is a reformed technical writer based in the Chicago area. She is now an active blogger. For more than ten years, she has been dedicated to translating legal concepts for non-legal audiences by writing web pages and blogs for law firms across the country. In recent years, she has also turned her efforts toward providing small business owners with ideas and information that can help them use their resources effectively to grow and thrive. For a look at the humorous dog training articles that she writes for fun, check out her Wily Dog Blog.

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what if plan for future

Make Better Business Decisions by Asking “What-If”

According to a June, 2020 survey conducted by PwC, a global network of firms delivering services for businesses, 64 percent of CFOs planned changes to products or services. Additionally, MIT … Continue Reading

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Pivot Your Business To Turn

Consider a Perpetual Pivot for Your Business

The businesses that continue to survive through this devastating shut-down typically have done so by altering the ways that they get their products or services out to market. Often referred … Continue Reading

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moon rocket small business

A Can-Do Attitude Moves Small Businesses to the Moon

Elon Musk Has Proven That Limiting Beliefs Make No Sense Have you ever found yourself giving up on creating a new product or solving a problem because you didn’t have … Continue Reading

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2021 Tax Changes on keyboard

The Taxes, They Are A-Changing

Do You Know What to Expect for the 2021 Tax Season? Even as you wrap up your business’ 2020 taxes, it’s certainly not too early to educate yourself on changes … Continue Reading

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digital training

Time to Re-Assess Your In-House Training Program

Competency and productivity depend on every team member knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to get timely answers to questions along the way. Whether you have … Continue Reading

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Take One Step Back for Your Customers

I used to love online shopping. What could be more convenient? But, over the last year, one major shipper has gotten in the way, from delivering to the wrong address, … Continue Reading

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Business Productivity Tools

Could Your Business Be More Productive?

Productivity Tools Abound If You Know What to Look For If you want to cut back on expenses, or even find extra money to save for a rainy day, then … Continue Reading

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business competition tug of war

5 Ways to Partner for Survival and Growth

On a single day late last year, I heard three different stories of new business partnerships: Ulta planned to open stores within Target stores, Walmart was working with GM to … Continue Reading

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How Many Ways Can the Public Get in Touch With Your Business?

These days, many people just don’t like to make a phone call anymore. Still, they continue to have questions or even the occasional complaint. If they can’t reach you using … Continue Reading

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How Much Control Do You Need Over Your Phone System?

You’re probably not old enough to remember the times when a business phone system was in the hands of a switchboard operator who manually connected all incoming calls by plugging … Continue Reading

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Customer Testimonials Star Business Promotion

Customer Testimonials Add Power to Promotion

I try to follow one basic rule when buying products or services: I never send more constructive complaints than compliments. The negative feedback hopefully provides vendors with a list of … Continue Reading

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Remote Workers Move Out Of State

Do Your Remote Workers Plan to Move Out of State?

Between 15-23 *MILLION* U.S. employees plan to move away from the regions where they currently work. For both the employer & employee, there can be unexpected costs to doing so though. Read on to better prepare. Continue Reading

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Rainy Day Business Fund

6 Ways to Save Money For a Rainy Day

We recently discussed the importance of maintaining an emergency fund to see you through hard times. These savings also make reserves available to take advantage of good buying deals. Unfortunately, … Continue Reading

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VoIP Internet Phone System

VoIP: A Funny Name for a Serious Business Phone System

When I need a chuckle, but funny cat videos won’t help, I turn to videos of young people trying to figure out rotary telephones. Clearly, phone technology has changed drastically … Continue Reading

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boss demonstrating to employees on whiteboard

From Pupils to Einsteins

An Individualized Approach to Training Methods Makes a Difference Believe it or not, I just bought my first smart phone. Learning the basics was extra challenging due to social distancing. … Continue Reading

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Business Owner Evaluating Need For Growth Space

Grow Your Business Without Stretching Your Physical Limits

Now that a light seems to be appearing at the end of the shutdown tunnel, it’s time to think beyond business survival, and on to future growth. Still, your company … Continue Reading

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overworked employee

How Many Extra Things Should You Expect From Your Employees?

Here are some unwritten rules that can help you avoid stepping over the line when asking your employees to temporarily perform different types of work. Continue Reading

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emergency fund piggy bank floating

Does Your Business Maintain an Emergency Fund?

Small businesses don’t typically have tons of cash to leave on the sidelines. Still, even without a nation-wide shut down, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that approximately one-third … Continue Reading

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Work From Home Cat Roommate

The Data is In: Your Employees Can Often Work Effectively From Home

One silver lining of the shut-down is that you may have learned something that you never expected: employees who worked from home continued to be productive. In fact, some of … Continue Reading

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Marketing to Seniors

Have You Forgotten to Market to Senior Customers?

It’s easy to identify advertising that is directed to younger prospects; it’s trendy and often funny, it commonly has plenty of attitude, and it may take some time to identify … Continue Reading

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