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How to Choose a Lawyer for your Small Business

Unless you run a law office, you probably do not have the resources to hire in-house representation or even put a business attorney on retainer. But this doesn’t mean that … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get Small Business Insurance / Name Your Business
Uber vs Lyft Valuation

Why is Uber So Much More Valuable Than Lyft?

Of all the industries experiencing growth and change, perhaps none is as interesting to watch as the transportation sector. Technology is leading to rapid disruptions in that space, from city … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management / Name Your Business

What is a DBA and Do You Need One?

Having trouble naming your business? Confused by how to incorporate and which type of business entity to choose? We cover the best courses of action in our Startup Guide, but … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Form an LLC / Get an EIN / Name Your Business

How We Chose the Name “Zilker Ventures” – Which Led to

Choosing a name for your business is one of the first steps an entrepreneur should take, but for some it can be one of the most difficult. Not knowing exactly … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Name Your Business

Building a Brand In-House Without Losing Your Shirt

We spoke to Birds Barbershop co-founder, Michael Portman, to talk about how Birds became a local favorite and national smash in just five years. Honestly, I was hesitant to step … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Name Your Business
how to name your business

7 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Small Business Brand Name

As we said in How to Name Your Business, your business name should be something you come up with fairly quickly in order to start setting up the foundation of … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Name Your Business