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Microsoft Office 2016: An Overview

Microsoft recently came out with Office 2016, its first major update in three years. Here we take a look at the features and costs, and what those will mean for … Continue Reading

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Apple’s iPad Air vs. Microsoft’s Surface 2

If you’re in the market for a tablet, there are plenty to choose from this winter. No sooner did Microsoft release its Surface 2 in October then Apple announced the … Continue Reading

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How Does Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 Compare With MacBook Air?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 launched recently, and so far it’s generated a lot of buzz. The newly updated PC is sometimes described as a tablet, although it really encompasses tablet, … Continue Reading

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Small Business Security Essentials – How To Keep Your Sensitive Information Safe

What Is Information Security? Keeping sensitive documents safe and protected has always been a struggle for business owners, especially since the advent of the Internet. Information security has often been … Continue Reading

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How to Select a Mac Computer for Your Business

Computers are an expensive, albeit necessary, piece of hardware when you’re setting up your company. If you’re choosing a Mac over a PC, the expense will be even bigger. But … Continue Reading

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Tips for Buying a File Server for Your Small Business

Your start-up is going swimmingly.  You’ve grown much bigger than just a few people and need an efficient solution that can support file-sharing, file-saving and backups.  And that means you … Continue Reading

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