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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Nearly everyone can get started with affiliate marketing, no matter what type of business you own. As long as you’re online, you can earn income (i.e. commissions) for referring business … Continue Reading

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Build Your Brand with Facebook

With more than 500 million active users, 50% of which log in every single day, Facebook is much more than a social networking site. It’s even more popular than Google! … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Promote With Social Media
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How to Leverage ‘Local’ to Compete with the Big Guys

We’re living in the age of “local.” For a number of reasons, people are now choosing to support local companies instead of large, national chains that have, until now, dominated … Continue Reading

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No More Teachers? How to Go Back to School While Maintaining a Career—and Your Sanity

Alice Cooper said it best: “school’s out forever!” Wait a second; not so fast there. If you’re in a career that you love—or want to try a different field—heading back … Continue Reading

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How to Conduct a Successful International Conference Call

Conference calling has become essential to many businesses managing virtual offices and teams, many of which are now located abroad.  We talked to Subhi Khudairi, Vice President of the Khudairi … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get a Business Phone System / Set Up a Phone Number

How to Manage Your To-Do List More Efficiently

We’ve all got ‘em: the dreaded to-do lists. Whether you keep yours on your phone, taped to your fridge, or locked firmly in your head, you can always be more … Continue Reading

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6 Simple (Non-Technical) Ways to Make Your Business Website More Effective

As a business owner, you may have already created your business website by hiring a designer, using a website builder or creating a simple WordPress website.  Now that you have … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Tips for Buying a File Server for Your Small Business

Your start-up is going swimmingly.  You’ve grown much bigger than just a few people and need an efficient solution that can support file-sharing, file-saving and backups.  And that means you … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Back Up Your Files / Purchase Computers

How Much is a Click Worth? Pay per Click Strategies for Beginners

When ChooseWhat’s SEM Analyst Koby Wong started as an intern with the company, he learned all about pay per click (PPC) strategies before evolving into the SEO expert he is … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Crashing the Party: “Project Crashing” for Dummies

When you’re in a time crunch,’s Project Management Associate Nick Middleton suggests “crashing the project,” which is a fancy management term that simply means shortening a project schedule. Read … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

Where to Find New Employees

ChooseWhat’s Web Development Associate April Coburn has worn many hats for our company. Originally our Office Manager, she has been a part of the hiring process for several positions and … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

How to Manage Quality Control in Your Small Business

“Every company, no matter how small you are or what industry you’re in, can benefit from Quality Control,” says Research Analyst and Quality Control (QC) master Adam Malden.  The … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

Who’s the Boss? How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

Anyone who’s been on a job interview knows they can be intimidating. What do you wear? Do you mention salary? What if you’ve previously been fired? Ack! But what if … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Should Your Small Startup Get a Group Medical Plan?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to’s Strategies Officer, Gaines Kilpatrick.  Read on to find out why signing up for a group medical plan for your start-up company … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get Group Health Insurance

Working Abroad: Tips on Beginning Your Journey

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with France. My dad used to travel to Paris for business and bring me back souvenirs from the City of … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Top SEO Add-ons for Firefox’s resident SEO expert Koby Wong strikes again.  Today he shares all the trade secrets behind his expert SEO analysis of top-performing websites (like this one).  It’s no secret that … Continue Reading

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Sleepy, Bloated, and Confused: The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Snacking

While all of us at ChooseWhat take pride in being healthy (we’ve taken part in 5K races together and our fridge is always stocked with low-fat yogurts and fruit), we’re … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

How to Create a WordPress Website in One Day

Websites are game-changers.  A great website can help you as an individual and/or your business stand out, as well as drive a lot of traffic to key products, services, deals … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Make Your Meetings More Productive in 8 Steps

We’ve all been in them–meetings that seem to drag on forever and end less productive than when they began. As a business owner, you don’t want your employees to dread … Continue Reading

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Everything You Don’t Know about Leasing Office Space

Co-founder of Gaines Kilpatrick knows a thing or two about leasing office space.  As Director of Brokerage for MetroNational in Houston, he managed the leasing of a 1 million+ … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Find Office Space / Set Up Your Business Mailing Address