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Why Order Business Cards Online?

You may have noticed we’ve updated ChooseWhat with a new section devoted to ordering business cards online. We’ve compared the most popular online business card printing sites in regards to … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Create Basic Marketing Materials / Order Business Cards

Home Office Tax Deduction Tips

Spending time on your home office/business deductions can be worth it, as long as your deductions are credible and as exact as possible. The AP recently reported on the increasing … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Why “Free” Can Be More Trouble than It’s Worth

Today’s post is inspired by Chapter 3: “The Cost of Zero Cost” in Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational. The basic premise is that there is usually a cost associated with “free” … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized Has Been Re-Launched with 2009 Tax Software Reviews

We just re-launched our sister site,, with new reviews and information about filing your taxes this year. We’ve added a Price Calculator that determines your Recommended Products and tells … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Commission Junction Hearts Gov. Schwarzengger

Online advertising leader Commission Junction has created a new Facebook group dedicated to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently vetoed an “Internet Advertising Tax” bill for the State of California. … Continue Reading

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Should Your Business Go Totally Mobile?

Well-known IT research firm, Gartner Inc., predicted last month that by 2011, mobile phones will completely replace desktop phones for the majority of businesses in North America ( This suggests … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get a Business Phone System / Set Up a Phone Number

Keeping Your Mom and Pop Shop Open via Web Optimization

A webinar I participated in yesterday (Using Your News to Drive SEO, via PRWeb) brought to light some very salient points that directly relate to my last post about web … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Why Your Small Business Needs a Web Site

As I was searching Google for “small business tools” today (as I regularly do), I came across an article written by CPA Gene Marks called “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website
Twitter’s on Twitter! is now on Twitter! Via Twitter, we’ll be bringing you updates on all of our comparison and review sites as well as helpful links and useful tidbits of information. … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Promote With Social Media

How to Get a Bigger Tax Return

Correctly Calculate Your Recovery Rebate Credit for 2008: Many news outlets have already reported that a recent sampling of already-filed tax returns shows that 15% of filers have miscalculated their … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Small Business Tax Tips

Nokia and Skype: VoIP and Smartphones Together At Last

Earlier today, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Skype announced its partnership with the world’s largest cell-phone maker, Nokia. It’s a marriage made in business technology heaven—for … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get a Business Phone System / Set Up a Phone Number

Web Apps Reviews: Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts

When do we typically choose a free web application over costly software? For business people, the answer lies in functionality. Though you may not be paying for a service monetarily, … Continue Reading

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270+ Free Online Tools for Your Business

What’s the best thing about’s list of 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online?  They’re all free! Probably the most comprehensive list of current web applications, Mashable‘s list is … Continue Reading

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More Optimism for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Today we’re continuing the theme of finding solutions and opportunities despite the recession. The truth is that opportunities exist in both bad economies and in good ones and you can … Continue Reading

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Stop Getting Junk Faxes

On Friday December 12th, 2008, the state of Indiana filed a lawsuit on Friday against Texas-based company Envarion Corp. for sending a record-breaking number of junk faxes. Junk Fax Lawsuit … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Set Up a Fax Number

Email Marketing Improves for 2009

What separates email marketing messages from spam is the ability for receivers to opt-out (i.e. remove themselves from a mailing list)—the signal of respect for the message viewer and his … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Select an Email Marketing Service

Revolutionary Web 2.0 Company Offers Web Conferencing for Free

By now every business person has become well-versed in all of the tricks and tips to save time and money in the midst of a recession, the bulk of which … Continue Reading

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What’s the deal with Google PageRank?

Google is my homepage, so every time I open my browser I see that, a site with 19 words and a data field, has a PageRank of 10. So … Continue Reading

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Black Friday Blues and Small Business News

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a Christmas tree lighting at mall with a past American Idol winner. Right? This past weekend, for some yet unknown reason, I arrived reluctantly at the … Continue Reading

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The Case for Ditching Microsoft Office

We’re in a recession right now; so, who wants to spend $500 on software? According to Time magazine, many companies and individual consumers still opt for costly software like Microsoft … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get Basic Business Software