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Where to Find New Employees

ChooseWhat’s Web Development Associate April Coburn has worn many hats for our company. Originally our Office Manager, she has been a part of the hiring process for several positions and … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

How to Manage Quality Control in Your Small Business

“Every company, no matter how small you are or what industry you’re in, can benefit from Quality Control,” says Research Analyst and Quality Control (QC) master Adam Malden.  The … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

Who’s the Boss? How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

Anyone who’s been on a job interview knows they can be intimidating. What do you wear? Do you mention salary? What if you’ve previously been fired? Ack! But what if … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Should Your Small Startup Get a Group Medical Plan?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to’s Strategies Officer, Gaines Kilpatrick.  Read on to find out why signing up for a group medical plan for your start-up company … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Get Group Health Insurance

Working Abroad: Tips on Beginning Your Journey

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with France. My dad used to travel to Paris for business and bring me back souvenirs from the City of … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Team

Top SEO Add-ons for Firefox’s resident SEO expert Koby Wong strikes again.  Today he shares all the trade secrets behind his expert SEO analysis of top-performing websites (like this one).  It’s no secret that … Continue Reading

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Sleepy, Bloated, and Confused: The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Snacking

While all of us at ChooseWhat take pride in being healthy (we’ve taken part in 5K races together and our fridge is always stocked with low-fat yogurts and fruit), we’re … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

How to Create a WordPress Website in One Day

Websites are game-changers.  A great website can help you as an individual and/or your business stand out, as well as drive a lot of traffic to key products, services, deals … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website

Make Your Meetings More Productive in 8 Steps

We’ve all been in them–meetings that seem to drag on forever and end less productive than when they began. As a business owner, you don’t want your employees to dread … Continue Reading

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Everything You Don’t Know about Leasing Office Space

Co-founder of Gaines Kilpatrick knows a thing or two about leasing office space.  As Director of Brokerage for MetroNational in Houston, he managed the leasing of a 1 million+ … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Find Office Space / Set Up Your Business Mailing Address

From Pipe Dream to Profit: Tips for Creative Startups and Business Owners

Whether it’s taking photographs or decorating cakes, you’re good at something.  More importantly you love doing it. And every now and then you stop and think, “Hey, I could do … Continue Reading

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10 Traits of a Successful Small Business Owner: Do You Have What It Takes?

According to the Small Business Administration half the number of small businesses won’t survive more than five years. In order to explain why some businesses fail and some flourish, the … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Management

Boost Productivity with the (10+2)*5 Procrastination Hack

Productivity begins with you.  Once you’ve made the decision to be more productive, you’ll be a lot happier with your job, your life and yourself in general.  That’s what many … Continue Reading

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SEO: Play the Hand You’re Dealt

Our resident search engine optimization wizard, Koby Wong says that much like poker, SEO is a game of chance but also one you can win. Wong loves poker so much, … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Build Your Website
customer service fax

Avoid These 5 Customer Service Mistakes at All Costs

Sometimes, I’m truly amazed at how badly customer service is handled by some small businesses.  Excellent customer service should be one of the main reasons customers repeatedly choose your small … Continue Reading

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Why Business Cards Should Matter to You

Last week American Express OPEN Forum posted a blog about how your next business card could be virtual and how the business card is close to its inevitable demise. While … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Order Business Cards

How to Choose the Right Project Management Tool

Project management tools can make or break your business.  The right project management tool can keep productivity flowing and your business operating smoothly.  The wrong project management tool can create … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Uncategorized

Utilize Proper Email Etiquette in Your Office

Nowadays people are more likely to communicate via email in the workplace than in person or on the phone. Who isn’t guilty of emailing a coworker who sits 20 feet … Continue Reading

Startup Step: Set Up Business Email Accounts

5 World Cup Metaphors for Small Business Owners

Like the majority of Americans, I don’t know much about soccer, but, as I was watching the England vs. USA match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup this past Saturday, … Continue Reading

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Why Philanthropy is Great for Your Small Business

We all know that giving back to our community is a great way to make an impact on the world around us and feel good about making a difference. But, … Continue Reading

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