How To: Set Up a Phone Number

by: Leo Welder |

Give Your Busines Its OWN Phone Number

A business that shares a phone number with its owner isn't a business- it's a job or maybe just a hobby. Follow this simple guide to quickly and easily give your business its own phone number.

Giving your business its own number is an exciting step for an entrepreneur. Look how excited Navin gets when he sees his number in print!

Before you set up a business phone number you should:

Once those steps are complete, you will be ready to set up a phone number using one of the following options:

Sign up for a Business VoIP service.

How to Start a Small Business

The best way to get a business phone number is through a business VoIP service. Do not use Google Voice or other virtual number services, because those numbers are not "portable," which means that you can't take the number with you, if you change service providers. offers a $9.99/ month plan, which is the lowest priced entry level plan for these services. Nextiva, RingCentral and Jive all offer cloud based VoIP services that include business features like auto-attendants, conference calling, virtual extensions, etc. Compare prices of these VoIP services here.

The benefits of obtaining a business phone number through Business VoIP include:

  • Business VoIP phone numbers are portable to any telecom provider. Once you sign up for a number, it is yours for life. Therefore you may maintain this number for the life of your business even if you switch service providers.
  • Business VoIP requires no expensive setup fees or monthly contracts.'s shared minute plan starts at $9.99 and unlimited minute lines cost about $35 to $40 per month and become significantly cheaper as you add additional lines. Because there are no contracts like those with landline or cellular plans, you may switch service providers at any time without incurring a penalty.

Friendly Tips

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RingCentral Office Business VoIP

  • Avoid services that do not allow you to port your phone number quickly and cheaply. As your business grows, your business phone system requirements will grow with it. To ensure that your business phone number moves with you smoothly, do not sign up for any lengthy contracts when first obtaining your business phone number.
  • Inform any business contacts to call you at your new business number. You will encounter less miscommunication the quicker you separate your business and private communications. Friends will know they’re not interrupting your business when you answer your private line.