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Business Owner Evaluating Need For Growth Space

Grow Your Business Without Stretching Your Physical Limits

Now that a light seems to be appearing at the end of the shutdown tunnel, it’s time to think beyond business survival, and on to future growth. Still, your company … Continue Reading

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overworked employee

How Many Extra Things Should You Expect From Your Employees?

Here are some unwritten rules that can help you avoid stepping over the line when asking your employees to temporarily perform different types of work. Continue Reading

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emergency fund piggy bank floating

Does Your Business Maintain an Emergency Fund?

Small businesses don’t typically have tons of cash to leave on the sidelines. Still, even without a nation-wide shut down, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that approximately one-third … Continue Reading

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Work From Home Cat Roommate

The Data is In: Your Employees Can Often Work Effectively From Home

One silver lining of the shut-down is that you may have learned something that you never expected: employees who worked from home continued to be productive. In fact, some of … Continue Reading

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Marketing to Seniors

Have You Forgotten to Market to Senior Customers?

It’s easy to identify advertising that is directed to younger prospects; it’s trendy and often funny, it commonly has plenty of attitude, and it may take some time to identify … Continue Reading

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Delegate at Work versus DIY
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Safe Insurance

How Bullet-Proof Does Your Business Insurance Need to Be?

Even the most experienced insurance agent could not have predicted a prolonged shut-down of so many U.S. businesses due to a virus. Still, after the SARS virus outbreak that occurred … Continue Reading

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Online Fax with Nextiva

Fax Machines? No. Online Faxing? Yes!

Fax usage remains a necessity for many businesses in the U.S., and even more in other parts of the world. In fact, recent estimates put annual fax rates in a … Continue Reading

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new uses for old products

Identifying New Uses for the Same Old Products

If you’re like many businesses, the shut-down may have left you with a surplus of unused inventory. You need to find ways to entice old customers to buy more, while … Continue Reading

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Get Emails for marketing

7 Ways to Get More Email Addresses to Spur Future Sales

One of the easiest ways to get your business’ message out to likely-buyers continues to involve email, and it remains an extremely effective marketing tool. Recent statistics show that email … Continue Reading

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Shorter Work Week

Can a Shorter Work Week Lead to Greater Productivity in Your Small Business?

You might have heard about Microsoft’s recent 4-day work week experiment in Japan. Without extending the length of those days to make up for the extra day off, the new … Continue Reading

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Business Burn-Out

Fighting Burnout Syndrome

As a small business owner with a small team, the chances are that you experience some form of burnout regularly. Perhaps it happens every December, when you have fewer days … Continue Reading

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Pandemic Teamwork Video Call

What the Pandemic Is Teaching About Teamwork

If you watch the news as much as I do, you undoubtedly see countless depressing stories about the toll that the pandemic is taking on everyone around the world. However, … Continue Reading

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ChooseWhat Scholarship

Scholarship for students with self employment experience

This scholarship has been discontinued for the time being. Should it resume accepting new applicants in the future, this page will be updated to reflect its reopening. Have you ever … Continue Reading

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Schneid Chery scholarship

Spring 2020 ChooseWhat Scholarship: And the Winner Is…

Self-employment teaches people lessons of independence and accountability that can’t be learned any other way. Combine these lessons with a solid education, and you’ve got everything you need to start … Continue Reading

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covid small business

How to Protect Your Small Business From the Worst of COVID-19

Undoubtedly, your small business has made it through one or more flu seasons, dealing with reduced staff – and fewer customers. For businesses, the COVID-19 scare seems to be a … Continue Reading

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Your Happiness Can Boost Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Have you ever received an authentically enthusiastic response when you approached a service desk to ask a mundane question? If so, then you may have experienced what I call the … Continue Reading

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Test Business Product Ideas

Have You Pre-Tested Your Business or Product Ideas?

The Amazons and Apples of the world can afford a trial-and-error approach to launching new ideas and concepts. However, even massive entities do extensive market testing; they can afford errors … Continue Reading

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March 2020 Small Business Events

March, 2020 Small Business Events

If you’re looking for a reason to take a day away from work so you can learn something new, Texans get March 3rd off for Texas Independence Day. Still, regardless … Continue Reading

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5 Ways That Support and Mktg Can Help Each Other

If you run a fledgling business, then you may not have a defined Customer Support team yet. But, every business has someone handling customer questions, comments and concerns, even if … Continue Reading

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