270+ Free Online Tools for Your Business

What’s the best thing about Mashable.com’s list of 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online?  They’re all free! Probably the most comprehensive list of current web applications, Mashable‘s list is a veritable buffet of functional alternatives to costly software programs. Check out the main categories in the list’s breakdown:

• Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts
• Calendars & Scheduling
• Charts, Diagrams, and Whiteboards
• Collaboration & Workgroups
• Conferences, Presentations & Meetings
• Crowdsourcing, Networking & Community
• Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service & Contact Management
• Database, File Storage & Information Management
• Email (Marketing)
• Employee Management, Payroll & Human Resources
• Feedback
• Marketing & Publicity
• Money Making & eCommerce Solutions
• Office Applications
• Organization & Management
• Phone & Voicemail
• Task Lists, Planning & Project Management
• Time Management & Tracking
• Virtual Office Platforms
• Website Tools
• Industry-Specific
• Miscellaneous (e.g. Resumes, Contact Management, Research, etc.)

The list, which is described as the crème de la crème of web apps, covers every area of business management and resources that one can think of. But though every application is summarized and sourced for your convenience on their website, Mashable doesn’t (as of yet) provide any reviews of the applications they mention. So, look forward to more detailed info in the near future. In the meantime, if you have some time during the holidays, feel free to have a look at the Mashable list for yourself. Pick just a couple of the best-sounding, most applicable web services, and try them. You’ll probably be surprised and enlightened at what you learn.

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