April 2019 Small Business Events

There will be no April Fools in your business when you keep up with knowledge-building and networking. Here are some events around the country and in the Austin area that can add wisdom and resources to your personal portfolio.

April 2019 Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

Free Online Event: 4 Ways to Double Your Revenue Within a Year – Austin

What it is: This online event examines the four possible ways to grow a business and teaches the strategies needed to accomplish rapid growth with how-to instructions and real-life strategies.

When and where: April 2, 2019, Online Webinar

Why it’s worth attending: Conducted by a business strategist, entrepreneur, Wall Street veteran, Ivy League graduate, and award-winning author, this free webinar is available to anyone, regardless of location. It provides brainstorming opportunities for applying the educational, entertaining, and empowering strategies taught during the session.

Cost: Free

Customer SuccessCon Boston 2019

What it is: Limited to 100 participants, this one-day conference is packed with presentations to help Customer Success managers connect, manage, and maximize successful mutually-profitable customer relationships.

When and where: April 8, Boston MA

Why it’s worth attending: The limited enrollment creates a more personalized forum for learning, while providing good access to presenters and other attendees during breakout and networking sessions.

Cost: $295 – $495, one-year executive membership in The Customer Success Association is included

Ladies Only Beach Camp

What it is: This is a woman-only event that is designed to equip attendees for a business that creates a great lifestyle. The sessions explain how to create an income that isn’t 100 percent dependent on entrepreneurs’ time so they can create work-life balance. In fact, balance is built into the event as well; attendees can find time to relax, walk the beach, or go for a swim.

When and where: April 12-14, 2019 | Daytona Beach, FL

Why it’s worth attending: The camp allows attendees to take a guilt-free vacation break while they learn valuable techniques that get the most out of work and play.

Cost: $179, plus special hotel room rates ranging from $159-$179 per night available with no resort fee.

Elevate Your Digital Influence

What it is: A working event that provides hands-on experience in developing a PR plan that leverages the use of social media and larger media outlets to grow your business and increase your level of influence in your industry.

When and where: April 13, 2019, Issaquah, WA

Why it’s worth attending: Rather than just attending lectures, attendees actually draft such documents as a press release plan and template, a content calendar, questions and answer plans for media interviews, and much more. The goal is to leave participants equipped and confident, rather than overwhelmed.

Cost: $147 (1 ticket), $250 (two tickets)

E^HACKATHON | New York City

What it is: Amazon has changed ecommerce and branding. This masterclass summit provides the opportunity for you and fellow industry trailblazers to learn and share what it takes to win on Amazon.com. It reveals deep-dive hacks into the winning strategies, best practices, and data insights that you need to grow your business by becoming an ecommerce expert.

When and where: April 16, 2019, New York City, NY , plus an optional second consulting-session day at no extra cost

Why it’s worth attending: Offers content from top industry experts and ecommerce practitioners that teach attendees how to win with Amazon, along with case studies that educate by example. The breakout group format fosters open communication and collaboration on strategy and tactic best practices, along with networking opportunities. Optional second day is a first come, first served chance to schedule one-on-one consulting sessions with experts.

Cost: $1,200

Intrigue Summit, Miami, Apr 2019

What it is: An interactive and global annual marketing/advertising event with a twist. Covering a broad range of subject matter experts, including client side marketers, global brand advertisers, digital agencies and more, the Q&A format allows participants to get answers and ideas from over 200 speakers at the summit. This allows everyone to customize content to their needs.

When and where: April 17, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Why it’s worth attending: This is one of the country’s most prestigious marketing/advertising events, boasting the best professionals in the marketing space in one place.

Cost: $299 – $399

Entrepreneur Growth Opportunities Brown Bag Lunch

What it is: A collaboration session intended for entrepreneurs, startups, and virtually any business that wants to collaborate on ways to launch or build a business. Bring lunch, or grab your lunch from the Subway next door.

When and where: April 18, 2019, Chicago, IL, with extended collaboration time past the scheduled session time

Why it’s worth attending: Good for anyone who wants to launch or build a business and grow revenues by offering an opportunity to network with investors, strategic partners, potential customers, and team members.

Cost: $10 – $20

Export Documentation and Procedures Seminar in Atlanta

What it is: A class intended for businesses interested in exporting. It teaches participants about export documents and helps identify items that require export licenses while explaining how to verify shipments for regulatory compliance.

When and where: April 25, 2019, Atlanta, GA

Why it’s worth attending: If you are thinking about growing your business through exporting, you need to navigate a maze of regulations. This comprehensive course teaches what you need to know to avoid potential fees, fines, or other unexpected costs that can accrue when you don’t comply with all rules and procedures.

Cost: $545 (for registrations made 30 days in advance) – $595 (late registration price)

Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit: Washington 2019

What it is: The eighth year of the most-respected marketing event for the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. It is commonly-attended by entrepreneurs, Chief Marketing Officers, brand marketers, and anyone who works in the areas of marketing, public relations, and more.

When and where: April 26, 2019, Washington D.C.

Why it’s worth attending: Produced by two of the most respected news organizations in the region, this summit includes presentations and workshops that explain virtually every imaginable type of marketing media, from how to get sales and marketing right to the latest strategies for using Search Engine Optimization and social media to understanding new available technologies.

Cost: $249


Events in Austin

Downtown Business Referral Networking!

What it is: A networking event that runs every Thursday, in which participants share leads and information. Bring plenty of business cards to get the most out of each session.

When and where: April 4, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Referrals are a major source of business growth. This free weekly meeting provides a valuable forum for receiving and sharing referrals and other information while networking to build potentially-valuable business relationships.

Cost: Free

The Future of Finance: Disruption on the Horizon

What it is: An expert panel discussion about how artificial intelligence and other tech are altering the jobs of CFOs due to the impact that technology has on finance.

When and where: April 9, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Anyone who is responsible for the finance of a business needs to remain updated about changes caused by new technology.

Cost: $55

North Austin Growth Summit

What it is: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and dozens of other industry giants have found their way to the North Austin area. This summit is a snapshot of the economic agitation that includes a look at the ten biggest things to hit the area.

When and where: April 18, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: The summit offers the opportunity to hear from a panel that discusses the opportunities and hardships that can be expected in housing, commercial real estate, transportation, technology, and job recruitment. This is valuable information for anyone planning to locate businesses in and around North Austin.

Cost: $75.00 (single ticket)

Four Pillars Conference & Campaign Workshop

What it is: If you operate a non-profit organization, you need to focus on acquiring donors and retaining them. The first day of the conference teaches the four pillars of donor relations — acknowledgment, stewardship, recognition, and engagement. The optional second day instructs you on how to design and implement a stewardship and donor relations program so you can strengthen fundraising goals and connect effectively with your supporters.

When and where: April 25, with optional session on April 26, Austin TX

Why it’s worth attending: This conference is intended to provide immediately-usable ideas and principles that leave you inspired and energized. The information is appropriate for any size staff or budget.

Cost: $150 – $400 (breakfast included, as well as lunch on the first day)

Small Business Accounting

What it is: A class taught by a University of Texas instructor that provides basic accounting knowledge and skills needed to manage business operations, comply accurately with tax regulations, and attract new partners or investors.

When and where: April 26, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Even business owners who stay away from bookkeeping responsibilities need basic comprehension of accounting principles to understand the numbers that affect decision-making. This class counts toward the 6-course requirement needed to earn Business Skills Certification.

Cost: $35

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