CRM Evolution 2012 Conference

customer relationship management conference 2012 evolution

Getting businesses to focus on creating a unique, engaging experience with their products or services in order to attract, retain, and transform customers into advocates of their brand.

CRM Evolution Keynote Speakers:

  • Day 1 CRM Evolution: Opening Keynote — Executive Director of Summit Learning Systems, Michael Vickers’ talk revolved around the idea that people are a company’s most important asset. Increasing intellectual capital by focusing and educating employees a very important step to making a business successful. In addition, focusing on creating a differentiated, customer experience is another important aspect of a successful product or service.
    • Takeaway: Vickers discussed the five customer values that need to be considered when developing a business plan. The first of the customer’s values is money, “there is low-cost and there is premium. Falling in the middle can be tricky territory.” Secondly, time is extremely important as people will pay a premium to save time. The next value is prestige as shown by Apple, Ray Ban, Rolex, and others; people will pay more to feel special. Then there is reliability, people will spend the extra money on something of high quality versus those whose product’s quality of which they are unsure. The penultimate value is knowledge. Knowledge trumps all other values, hands-down because that is what makes your value distinctive. But, when you employ all five of the values and align them into your product or service not only do your customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, you and your employees will have better experiences as well.

“People make decisions with their emotions first and then back it up with logic.”

  • Day 2 CRM Evolution: Keynote – “CRM Leader Panel” discussed how customers now want an experience more than just a product or service. But, it is important to remember than in some cases experience is a fast, easy transaction.
  • Day 3 CRM Evolution: Closing Keynote – “CRM in Baseball” panel comprised of sales managers from top Major League Baseball teams. They discussed the customer relationship management approaches used to make their organizations so successful. The panel also received tips from conference goers such as, “Train players on social media. They are your best salesmen and influencers if they engage w/fans #crme12” from Chad Schaeffer of 3CSI (@ChadSchaeffer).

Quotes from the 2012 CRM Evolution Keynote Presentations:

Product is important, but product commoditizes; relationships are the only way to sustain businesses. There are two kinds of customers, ones who want to be recognized and those who don’t. The first group is growing rapidly. – Anthony Lye, Oracle

We’re moving into a world where if you don’t share, your customers will do it. –Anthony Leaper, SAP

For better or for worse, technology no longer supports the strategy. Technology IS the strategy. Case in point: Social media. 90% of twitter engagements are getting escalated customer service – Esteban Kolsky, Customer Strategist

Social is about seeing a change in culture. A process underpinned by technology. One cannot lead with technology. – Micheal Fauscette, Software Industry Analyst

Mobility impacts service in three ways: Knowledge management and search, field service automation, and productivity tools. – John Ragsdale, VP of Technology Research at TSIA

Additional CRM Strategies Covered at the 2012 Conference:

  • Generating high returns on CRM investments
  • Preparing for customer trends that are reshaping the marketplace (social, mobile, video)
  • Leveraging technologies that will change customer relationships
  • Benefiting from Web 2.0 and Social CRM
  • Managing the workplace culture in a constantly changing business environment
  • Find ways to turn customers into advocates who promote, support, and defend your brand
  • Learn more about the conference at

Special thanks to CRM Magazine journalist, Kelly Liyakasa (@KellyLiyakasa) for the constant flow of informational tweets from presentations throughout the week.

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