eFax Free Trial vs. eFax Free Plan

What is the eFax free trial?

eFax Free TrialeFax offers a free trial is meant for you to test the full send and receive capabilities of eFax’s online fax service. The free trial gives you access to all of the functions and features of the eFax Plus plan within a 30-day period. Here are the main details of the free trial:

eFax’s Free Trial Details:

  • 130 pages of incoming faxes
  • 30 pages of outgoing faxes*
  • 5 users in plan

Expires after 30 days (After 30 days, you will have to upgrade to the eFax Plus plan for $16.95/month.)

*You don’t actually get a pre-fixed number of pages, but they do give you a $3 credit on the eFax Plus plan. Each outgoing page normally costs $0.10. 

What is the eFax free plan?

eFax Free PlaneFax’s free plan allows you to receive a limited number of faxes but does not allow you to send any faxes. If you exceed the number of received faxes allowed, eFax will prompt you to upgrade to a paying account. Here are the main details of the free plan:

eFax’s Free Plan Details:

  • One remote (i.e. non-local) eFax number
  • Area code/prefix is selected by eFax and cannot be changed (unless you upgrade to a paid account)
  • 20 incoming fax pages per month (receive-only)
  • You are prompted to upgrade to a paying account if you exceed 20 incoming pages, or if you need send capability.

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