Email Marketing Statistics 2013 – Email Marketing Industry Benchmarks

A Compilation of Email Marketing Statistics

Many marketers have toted for years that email marketing “is dead”, although recent reports have shown differently. This Starticle provides you with a compilations of the latest email marketing statistics and benchmarks to help you better understand how to plan your email marketing campaigns in 2013.

General Email Trends versus Targeted Email Campaign Trends

2013 email marketing trends

Email Vs Other Marketing Channels

Econsultancy took a survey of in-house marketers and their thoughts on various marketing channels’ ability to drive monetary benefit. It turns out that email marketing is second, only to organic search referrals.

econsultancy email marketing

These numbers are pretty compelling since almost a third of the respondents spent “no time” on optimizing their email marketing strategy. Another 20% of the respondents claimed to only 2 hours a week optimizing their campaing. That is almost 50% of in-house marketers spending little to no time on the second best marketing channel in terms of ROI.

Email Lead Conversion Change 2011-2013

Lead conversions through email remain consistent throughout 2011 to 2013 and according to Hubspot, rated third in it’s ability to drive sales from leads created.

inbound marketing lead conversion

Hubspot “State of Inbound Marketing 2013”

Email Campaign Development Statistics

Having a clean and up-to-date email list is one of the best ways to increase the likelyhood of your email marketing campains making it to the intended inboxes

Econsultancy: Email Census 2013

Email Marketing – Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet Consumption

Mobile and tablet open rates for emails have been growing drastically over the last few years.

Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report

Knotice “Mobile Email Opens Report”

Here at ChooseWhat, we typically recommend that you send marketing emails out between Tuesday and Thursday.  Although, if you must send out an email campaign over the weekend, make sure it is optimized for mobile or tablet users.

- Mobile, Webmail, Desktops: Where are we viewing email now?

According to a report by ReturnPath, emails viewed on webmail or mobile devices drastically increases over the weekend while desktop usage is way down.

email mobile statistics

Mobile Email Open Rates

  • Consumer Services  – 40.14% mobile email open rate 
  • Hospitality – 30.5% mobile open rate
  • Cable & Telco – 29.42% mobile open rate
  • Financial Services – 29.3% mobile open rate
  • Entertainment – 28.93% mobile open rate
  • Consumer Products – 28% mobile open rate
  • Education – 22.95% mobile open rate
  • Retail – 22.62% mobile open rate

Mobile Email Click Rates (CTR & CTO)

  • Financial Services – 14.13% mobile email click activity 
  • Consumer Products – 12.62% mobile email click activity 
  • Entertainment – 9.4% mobile email click activity 
  • Consumer Services – 8.97% mobile email click activity 
  • Association Emails – 8.87% mobile email click activity 
  • Retail – 6.92% mobile email click activity 
  • Hospitality Emails – 6.08% mobile email click activity 

holiday email open rates

male open rate email


This one may or may not be helpful in building your email marketing campaign, but word clouds are visually appealing and it is a great motivator to get you started on your email marketing campaign.

What do you LOVE about creating an email marketing campaign?

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But first, you must choose an email marketing service.


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