February 2020 Small Business Events

Valentine’s Day may be all about hearts and flowers, but have you considered showing extra love to yourself and your business? Staying informed and growing your network are worth more than a thousand heart-filled cards, so check out these events to find a gift that keeps giving beyond the holiday.

February 2020 Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

E-Commerce Day – Los Angeles

What it is: An educational and inspirational all-day event with breakout sessions and presentations intended for anyone launching, buying, or growing an e-commerce business.

When and where: February 4, 2020, Marina Del Rey, CA

Why it’s worth attending: The three available tracks (Start Up, Growth, or Agency) allow attendees to target their specific needs based on where they are in their e-commerce journey. The event features a wealth of speakers who will share their knowledge and experience in e-commerce.

Cost: $155.19, or register 4 or more people for $77.00 each, plus fee.

Training for Marijuana Illinois Dispensary Jobs

What it is: An intensive half-day training session intended for individuals seeking employment in a dispensary, but also helpful to dispensary owners and managers. Those who take this course and pass the required exam receive a certificate of completion, which shows that they have the information needed to speak knowledgeably with customers — and in interviews.

When and where: February 8, 2020, Wood Dale, IL

Why it’s worth attending: In addition to becoming educated in the cannabis field, course participants receive resume reviews, and the opportunity to attend future sessions free of charge to remain apprised of future changes in state laws. Previous students also can take the state-required Responsible Vendor Training at no charge for the first year.

Cost: $249 advanced purchase, $300 cash at door, based on seat availability

Story 10x: Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable

What it is: A discussion based on the new book by Michael Margolis that introduces participants to the importance of principles for conveying and selling your message to any audience.

When and where: February 12, 2020, San Francisco, CA

Why it’s worth attending: Whether you need to sell a vision, raise money, inspire your team, recruit top talent, and more, you need to learn how to become a great storyteller to get an audience on your side. This discussion, led by the CEO and founder of a strategic messaging firm, introduces to the concepts that can turn you into an effective storyteller.

Cost: Free

Communication Skills 1 Day Training in Nashville, TN

What it is: A one-day, cutting-edge training program designed to immerse business professionals into the most advanced and innovative techniques and add value to their companies by communicating clearly, accurately, and effectively.

When and where: February 19, 2020, Nashville, TN

Why it’s worth attending: As you dig deeply into all forms of verbal, non-verbal, and written communication, you develop your sense of personal communication style that helps you to connect with, communicate to, and inspire people around you.

Cost: $595.00 plus fee

Starting Your Business in Illinois, Vernon Hills – Spring 2020

What it is: A two-hour workshop led by a certified professional business coach, who is the Director of the Illinois Small Business Development & International Trade Center. It provides entrepreneurs with a realistic view of the requirements for starting a business and the resources available to support new ventures.

When and where: February 20, 3030, Vernon Hills, IL

Why it’s worth attending: It provides a wealth of information to help entrepreneurs make knowledgeable decisions, including factors for business success, the reasons for starting a small business, and the major considerations for starting a business in Illinois.

Cost: $20

Alleycon 2020

What it is: The third annual tech conference that drives new conversations in tech by posing critical questions that often go unasked. This year’s conference, sponsored by Microsoft, explores how tech is flipping today’s definition of business on its head to enable unimaginable impact tomorrow.

When and where: February 28, 2020, New York, NY

Why it’s worth attending: This event provides the opportunity to interact with thought leaders within many parts of the tech industry. They represent executives in mature companies, start-up disruptors, VC investors, and policy makers. The three segments involve redefining by using unconventional ideas to upend traditional industries, redesigning to overturn corporate norms, and rediscovering how tech giants return to their roots to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Cost: $55 – $170

Events in Austin

BizAid Business Orientation

What it is: Provided by the City of Austin Small Business Program, this event provides a general overview of opening a small business or re-evaluating an existing business during its growth.

When and where: February 4, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides the key questions to consider when developing a business and covers the next steps while identifying helpful resources for entrepreneurs, including creatives.

Cost: Free

How to Start a Food Business

What it is: Intended for individuals who are thinking about opening a food business in Austin, this is a general overview orientation into the requirements that you need to meet.

When and where: February 12, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Presented by the City of Austin Small Business Program, this event provides need-to-know information about opening a food business before investing time and money into a food venture. Covered topics include City of Austin Small Business Program Resources, Food Personnel Requirements, Fixed Food Establishments, Mobile Food Vendors, and the Universal Recycling Ordinance.

Cost: Free

Manage Your Cash Flow

What it is: Taught by a University of Texas instructor, this class helps you understand cash flow and how to use it as a tool to keep your business healthy.

When and where: February 13, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: The class provides you with the fundamentals needed to manage, measure, understand, and improve business cash flow. It also counts toward the 6-course requirement needed to earn your Business Skills Certification.

Cost: $35

Digital Dealmaking: How Data is Reshaping Commercial Real Estate

What it is: A futuristic panel discussion that dives into the pain points and solutions related to commercial real estate data.

When and where: February 20, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides the opportunity to preview the possible future of data in commercial real estate while networking over heavy hors d’oeuvres and beer and wine with Austin’s commercial real estate heavy hitters.

Cost: $45

Bizwomen Mentoring Monday

What it is: The opportunity to choose from 40 mentors who are the most influential women in the business community. Then, have one-on-one coaching sessions with between one and seven chosen mentors.

When and where: February 24, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: While waiting in line to meet your chosen mentor, you have the added opportunity to network with other attendees. This time is often as important as the coaching sessions.

Cost: $45

Google: Help Customers Find You!

What it is: A course designed to help participants learn how to make their businesses stand out on Google and attract new customers for free.

When and where: February 28, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Upon course completion, you should be able to understand the importance of being online while learning how to be found online with advertising and use the right tools to connect. The course counts toward the 6 course requirements needed to earn your Business Skills Certification.

Cost: $35

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