February Small Business Events

Small business events are a great way to broaden your knowledge and network, whether it’s within a specific industry or among more general group of business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s our selection of February events taking place around the country, as well as in ChooseWhat’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Click on each event’s title to be directed to a site with more information.

February Small Business Conferences


TrainHRYour Organization’s Culture: If You Don’t Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters

What it is: A webinar designed to help you understand your company’s culture, and how it’s engaging your employees and clients or customers.

Where and when: February 8, online

Why it’s worth attending: Corporate culture is a hot topic among businesses who want to attract the best talent, translate their values to their products and services, and show customers what they’re all about. Culture can also become an important factor during periods of organizational change. Mergers and acquisitions, new systems implementations and elaborate initiatives typically fail because organizations become caught in the so-called “jaws of culture” when the existing culture becomes inappropriate, and hinders rather than supports progress.

Cost: $145 – $395

Impact InvestingEconomist Impact Investing logo

What it is: An event organized by The Economist focused on impact investing and its future.

Where and when: February 15, New York

Why it’s worth attending: The growing demand for a more socially-responsible, purpose-driven finance has been best illustrated by the emergence of a new approach to putting capital to work called “impact investing.” Having started out as a niche activity, largely practised by wealthy and philanthropically-inclined individuals, impact investment is now championed by a growing number of leading institutions in the capital markets.

Cost: $995-$1,795

Engage: The L.A. Digital Storytelling Conference 2017Engage- LA Digital Storytelling Conference

What it is: An in-depth look at how the digital age is transforming content creation and consumption.

Where and when: February 15, Culver City, California

Why it’s worth attending: Attendees will get to connect with experts and influencers in a casual, approachable atmosphere, and share perspectives on multi-platform real-time storytelling and branded entertainment.

Cost: $150-$500

Small Business Expo

What it is: A nationwide B2B trade show, conference, and networking event that takes place in 18 U.S. cities, including Miami this February.

Where and when: February 16, Miami

Why it’s worth attending: This one-day expo offers a wide range of workshops, seminars, and presentations from top industry experts, plus a chance to network.

Cost: Free

EntreLeadership logoEntreLeadership Master Series

What it is: A four-day event focused on developing entrepreneurial leadership skills

Where and when: February 19-23, Nashville

Why it’s worth attending: This is a chance for growing businesses to reflect on their growth and make sure they have the leadership skills to take it in the direction they want.

Cost: Pricing available upon request

Austin Area Events

Is Your Business NFL Worthy?

What it is: A talk by former Green Bay Packer Mike Weddington, hosted by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, on establishing high performance expectations in your business

Where and when: February 3, Austin Chamber of Commerce, 535 East 5th Street, Austin

Why it’s worth attending: This luncheon event will specifically cover developing strong leadership at all levels of an organization, understanding the importance of studying your competition, and maximizing the customers experience.

Cost: $35 for Chamber members, $55 for non members.

Austin Networking Social at the University of Texas Club

What it is: A networking event put on by Network & Social for business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Where and when: February 7, The University of Texas Club, 2108 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin

Why it’s worth attending: 50-300 attendees from various industries, a chance to network with other Austin professionals, and a chance to promote your business.

Cost: $10-$115

Capital Factory LogoHow to Meet Investors in Austin

What it is: An overview from an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor about finding investors in Austin.

Where and when: February 7, Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, Austin

Why it’s worth attending: Get answers to questions like how to meet your first investors, should you do an equity round or convertible note, and should you join an accelerator.

Cost: $10

Co-Founder February Pitches and Keynote

What it is: A forum for professionals to pitch their business, idea, startup, etc. to the community and gain valuable feedback. The audience is full of other entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and media.

Where and when: February 13, Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, Austin

Why it’s worth attending: A networking event that is also an opportunity for anyone who has a project they’re getting off the ground to make a pitch. This month’s event also features a keynote by Hugh Forrest, Director of SXSW.

Cost: $15

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