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Recently, we came across this great infographic by AXZM detailing the five elements of inbound marketing for your business. While they seemed to have channeled Captain Planet to design and categorize this infographic; using Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and the fifth element “Aether” that binds all other forces together.

It’s a great guide for a marketer or business owner just starting out in marketing. Each element is tied to an inbound marketing tactic and is partnered with a brief description of the benefit of each tactic, popular platforms, tools used and/ or best practices to implement.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing concept where marketers aim at getting discovered by potential customers who are actively looking for your product or solution. This idea of “being where your customers are looking” contrasts the traditional way of marketing through television commercials, cold calling, direct mail, trade shows, etc.

Where to Start?

Typically catering to the entrepreneur or start-up with a small marketing budget, we review many inbound marketing strategies and platforms because of their propensity to be more cost efficient. Therefore this infographic really stood out to us here at ChooseWhat because of our strong association with most of these elements.

While this infographic was informative and easy to read, we wanted to take it to the next level and provide you with more details on how to get started on some of the following elements.

Email – Earth: AXZM listed many email marketing platforms, but we have taken it a step farther and provided you with a comparison and reviews of the top email marketing services, as well as an email marketing buyer’s guide.

SEO – Air: Not only do we have detailed business product reviews, we also offer tactical business advice and expertise on common challenges entrepreneurs face. Here we have a couple of help strategic tips on how to get started in search engine optimization.

Social Media – Fire: Referred to as the “spark that spreads your message” and we couldn’t agree more. Check out some of these helpful strategies to make the most of your social media efforts.

Content – Water: Content has been referred to as many things in my career, but the elixir of life known as water is definitely a first and maybe one of the most accurate. Of course, it does matter what type of content, how it is served, relevancy, etc. when attempting to utilize this “element”. We have found that as long as you take a strategic approach to content development, success should be easy to reach.

Design – Aether: While design can refer to many aspects of your inbound marketing campaigns, one of the most important is your web design. This is often your hub or online store front that customers see most. If you are trying to decide on a website builder, here is a comparison of the top website builders out there to complete your website design.

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