How to Share Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Now that you’ve crafted a brilliant and compelling email newsletter that will no doubt captivate your subscribers, it’s not enough to just rely on subscribers opening and clicking through your email campaigns. Email marketing has become so much more than simply sending an email to your customers. With the prevalence of social networking sites, it has been increasingly important to share your eNewsletter with more than just your subscribers.

Make it Easy for Users to Share

This is the No. 1 golden rule of online marketing. You have to make it easy for your users to share your efforts with others. Your email marketing campaigns should be a breeze to pass along, and you can achieve this by simply having a prominent call-to-action (or even a large button) that allows your subscriber to forward your eNewsletter to a friend with one click.

Create Newsletter Archives

A painless way to share your eNewsletter is to create an archive where visitors to your site can see previous email campaigns. Many email marketing services, such as MailChimp, will allow you to create a campaign archives within their system that you can then edit. This helps you to easily share your archive so that potential subscribers can see what your newsletters look like.  With MailChimp’s system, you can also embed these campaign archives on your own site and they’ll be updated when you add a new email campaign.

For those that are moderately tech savvy, you can create your own newsletter archive on your site that you can customize to look exactly how you want it without having to go through an email marketing service.

“Like” It On Facebook

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a huge social networking site that millions of users spend a lot of time on every single day. Don’t you want to take advantage of those numbers by sharing your latest email campaign on it? Not only can you easily share your email marketing campaign on your Facebook Wall, but you can also share it on your company’s Facebook Fan Page through several services, such as GetResponse.

Another great feature some email marketing services like Benchmark Email provide is the ability for your subscribers to “Like” your campaign without having to leave it to do so. They will simply be redirected to the web version of the email and see how many other people have “Liked” your newsletter. Having users “Like” your newsletter on Facebook is a great way for other people to see it without you having to promote it yourself. It helps you create a following of similar users.

Some email marketing providers offer the option to display your Facebook profile in your newsletter and include recent status updates, which can help to drive people to your Facebook page. This also works conversely in that you can add a newsletter signup form to your Facebook page easily with many of these services.

Share Your Newsletter through Social Networking

Most of the email marketing services we’ve reviewed offer some form of social networking integration in that you can easily input your Twitter and LinkedIn account information and have your service automatically post the link to your recent email newsletter on your different profiles once you’ve sent your campaign to your subscribers. Make sure you sign up for a service that offers this automatic feature.

MailChimp even allows you to see who else has retweeted your newsletter in your user dashboard through their service so you can see the full scope and reach of all of your campaigns.

Of course, the best way to make sure your email marketing efforts are reaching the most number of users is to have unique, relevant, and interesting content that readers find useful.

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