January 2020 Small Business Events

According to one statistic, the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail by January 17th. But, maybe all of those people are doing it wrong. Instead of planning to dramatically change your life forever, perhaps you should focus on using one or two days to learn something new or increase your network. By attending one of the following events, you can make a lasting impact on your business.

January 2020 Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

Free Real Estate Intro Session – Inglewood

What it is: An intensive introductory course that explains what you need to know to become a successful real estate agent.

When and where: January 7, 2020, Inglewood, CA (other dates and locations are available)

Why it’s worth attending: It provides the information that you need to begin a lucrative career in Real Estate, from how to get your Real Estate License to the topics and terminology. For those who want to further explore the field, a full three-month paid training program is available.

Cost: Free

Startup Interview Series + Networking

What it is: An event for NY entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and innovators that brings like-minded individuals together to find the inspiration, resources, and friends that contribute to entrepreneurial success.

When and where: January 8, 2020, New York, NY

Why it’s worth attending: Attendees who are in the early stages of building a startup and those with experience in the startup world can network and learn while gaining access to the resources that can help them grow. Complimentary pizza and soft drinks are served.

Cost: $10

Amazon Sellers Event/Meetup ASGTG 2020: The Pulse of the Amazon Marketplace

What it is: A widely-known conference that includes a full day of seminars and opportunities to connect with Amazon sellers, and others over an all-day catered buffet lunch and dinner.

When and where: January 15, 2020, Brooklyn, NY

Why it’s worth attending: Voted as the 2nd top Amazon sellers’ event, it provides a great opportunity to learn the newest techniques while networking with top sellers in a wide range of industries.

Cost: $200 (dinner only), $175 (video recording only), or $299 (general admission)

The WIT Network Denver Kick-Off

What it is: A re-launch of Denver’s Women In Technology (WIT) chapter. This network is dedicated to supporting women who work in the technology industry.

When and where: January 23, 2020, Denver, CO

Why it’s worth attending: Since Colorado ranks in the top ten cities with tech growth, this chapter offers a networking opportunity for women working in the technology industry. Technology business owners can make important connections and benefit by finding new recruits for their companies.

Cost: Free

2020 Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference

What it is: Presented by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, this is a conference that explores the changing business models, investment strategies, and technologies within the healthcare industry while providing the perspectives that enable innovation.

When and where: January 25, 2020, Evanston, IL

Why it’s worth attending: It helps attendees navigate through current changes in, and the future of, healthcare to help them determine the directions that make most sense for them within the industry.

Cost: $35 – $140

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Working? Learn How to Find Out from Q4Launch

What it is: A lunch meeting that allows attendees to join Charleston Travel and Hospitality Marketing Professionals for an in-depth look into Google Analytics.

When and where: January 29, 2020, Charleston, SC

Why it’s worth attending: Teaches attendees in the hospitality business to recognize some of Google Analytics’ most important data points so that they can make data-driven decisions and improve the return on investment for their web sites. One volunteer will be selected for a live Google Analytics analysis.

Cost: $20

Events in Austin

Learn How to Build Your Business BEFORE Leaving Your Day Job

What it is: A short course that is intended for anyone, from individuals in the early learning stages of entrepreneurship to those who have already started a business. It explains how to present a business plan, seek financing, simplify accounting, and more.

When and where: January 4, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Held on a Saturday, this session can help clarify the strategies and concerns of business startup. This information can also help anyone in the early stages of a business, and it can help identify when the time is right to disconnect from a day job. Light refreshments are served.

Cost: $35.95 + fee

Business Ethics 1 Day Training in Austin, TX

What it is: A comprehensive course that addresses common ethics issues that apply to parties internal and external to any business.

When and where: January 10, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: A high standard in business ethics helps you retain customers and attract new ones, and it accomplishes the same benefits with your team members. This course teaches you to maintain a high ethics standard while also recognizing it among that outside parties that you deal with regularly.

Cost: Starting at $695

How to Write a Business Plan

What it is: A course that provides step-by-step instructions for businesses seeking start-up or expansion funds. It is taught by a University of Texas instructor and counts toward the 6-course Business Skills Certification requirement.

When and where: January 14, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides information that can be critical for businesses that rely on business plans when seeking investments from private investors or financial institutions.

Cost: $35

Grow Your Business 2020: Micro-Conference For Founders & Creators

What it is: An event targeted toward startup founders, online entrepreneurs, and capitalist creatives who run a company and want to grow their customer base, acquire more leads, and become industry leaders.

When and where: January 18, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides a full-day extravaganza of tactical entrepreneurship knowledge from some of the best business leaders in Austin, along with the opportunity to develop intimate connections with people on similar paths. Catered meals include coffee plus breakfast and chef-prepared lunch, along with post-conference cocktails.

Cost: $100

Business Case Writing Classroom Training in Austin, TX

What it is: An introductory course designed to provide participants with a practical understanding on how to write compelling business cases that best suit organizational objectives and achieve targets.

When and where: January 24, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It teaches major case writing skills, including defining a project, analyzing and communicating cases, presenting cases to critical stakeholders, and more. Hands-on coaching is provided, and attendees receive a course completion certificate.

Cost: $449

Austin 2040: Our Business Future

What it is: A futuristic view on Austin in 2040 that looks at how Austinites will live, work and play in 20 years when the region’s population is about twice the size that it is today.

When and where: January 31, 2020, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides a long-term foresight and explores potential economic threats to the region to help business leaders prepare their business plans. Includes presentations by future-minded experts and provides ample networking opportunities.

Cost: $75 for single tickets. Table prices range from $850 to $4500, based on a variety of options

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