Quick Tip: Tips to Generate More Leads with Your Website


If you want your website to help you generate leads for your business, I would say the most important thing to do is to make it obvious to people on your website how to become a customer.  Seems fairly basic, but it’s shocking how many people forget this.  It’s the equivalent of forgetting to ask for the order in the sales process.  It’s important for your website to educate your prospect about your product and to make them feel confident in what you have to offer, but if you don’t make it clear how to buy, odds are, they won’t.

Clear “Calls-To-Action” on your website are the online way to ask for the order.  A very simple call to action would be, “Call this number to get a free consultation:  555-555-5555.”  Another, might be, “Fill out this form to get a free quote” followed by a short form asking for the prospect’s contact information.  When a person on your site takes one of these calls to action, they transform from a visitor on your website to an actual sales prospect.

Your Calls-To-Action should be prominently displayed, so they are easy to find and you should have at least one on every page of your website.  A common way to ensure this is to put one in the header of your website- you’ll regularly see a “Call Us for A Quote:  555-555-5555” in the header of a website.  Good Calls-To-Action also make it clear that if the visitor takes this action, they’ll get something that they want: a quote, a consultation, a white paper with good information, etc.  You need to give them a reason to take this step, because you are asking them to become a prospect.


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