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By now every business person has become well-versed in all of the tricks and tips to save time and money in the midst of a recession, the bulk of which are related to using online tools and web applications in place of costly hardware and software. Using various web tools to increase efficiency and decrease cost is something I’ve discussed at length in earlier posts about online fax services, virtual pbx services and Google Apps and Zoho. Now add to this list of cost-effective solutions, the first site to offer completely free web conferencing service.

Advantages of the service include the ability to share desktops with co-workers, colleagues and partners and the option to utilize blogs, wikis, texting and other social networking tools simultaneously with video and audio to share information. The majority of web conferencing service providers have thus far tended to offer free service for a trial period, after which the user is prompted to select from a tier of service plans., however, offers full access from the get-go to web-based “meeting and information-sharing spaces,” which are private and fully equipped with convenient work tools for presentations, A/V conferencing, storing/sharing files and planning and scheduling meetings.

Here are some of the best features:

  • Secure, private rooms
  • Permanently open 24 hours a day
  • Create a new circle for every customer, project or team
  • Live presentations and desktop sharing
  • Advance schedule meetings, presentations and events

What I love is that the bigwigs at explain on their blog the positive implications of utilizing web applications not only on pocketbooks, but also on the green initiative. Here are a couple of quotes from the blog:

What will drive business travelers to go GREEN isn’t a sense of creating a smaller carbon footprint or being a responsible corporate citizen (though 40% of frequent business travelers say they are concerned). No, it is the simple fact that it doesn’t make financial sense anymore to travel to “get the sale.”

Just think about how much bandwidth you have at home compared to what you have at the office. Sure, you have a large pipe coming into the office, but shared amongst how many people. And what if 1/3 of those users are sending live video or sharing their desktop.

So, maybe going GREEN might mean also, sending your workforce home. Think about it – less office space, a smaller carbon footprint, and your workers not having to drive into the office (Jul 30, 2008).

I couldn’t make the point any better. illustrates the notion that “going green” isn’t really a notion anymore. It is becoming not a matter of choice, but a matter of sustainability for businesses everywhere. At the end of the day, “alternatives” aren’t simply for those willing to gamble or for those with the luxury of time to test-drive something new. They become part of your bottom line.

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