Scholarship for students with self employment experience

ChooseWhat ScholarshipHave you ever earned money as a contractor or a small business owner? If so, this scholarship opportunity is for you.

If you are a qualifying student (see “who can apply” section below), you may submit a 750 to 1,500 word essay describing how your experience working for yourself as either a contractor or small business owner has impacted your view of education and your future. The winning application will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Why are we specifically rewarding this kind of experience?

Self employment teaches people lessons of independence and accountability that can’t be found through any other experience. In the beginning, it often doesn’t pay as well as traditional employment, but we believe that the lessons taught by the self employment experience will pay dividends in both education and perspective long after the work or business concludes. Therefore, we would like to reward students that choose to take this unconventional path and encourage more to follow in their footsteps.

Who can apply?

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in a degree program at any accredited American College, University or Trade School with self employment experience may apply. For purposes of this scholarship, self employment experience simply means that you or a business you started were paid directly for your work. Here are some examples of common types of self employment:

  • Mowing lawns for neighbors
  • Tutoring students
  • Babysitting services for families
  • Hanging Christmas lights for neighbors
  • Starting a business of any kind

Payment for work received from an employer is not self-employment. This includes work compensated in the form of tips. Here are some examples of employment that do not qualify:

  • Waiting tables for a restaurant
  • Bar tending
  • Any salaried job

Only one submission per student is allowed.

How to apply?

Submit your 750 to 1,500 word essay as a Microsoft Word attachment to Use the subject line “ChooseWhat Scholarship Application” Do not put the essay directly in the email – only attached essays will be accepted. On the cover page of your submission (attachment) AND in the body of the email, please include the following information:

  • Your full name & Student ID #
  • Name of school
  • Anticipated Major
  • Date of Initial Enrollment
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Type and dates of self employment (eg: Lawn maintenance, May 2012- September 2012)


This scholarship will be awarded during the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Fall applications are accepted from April 2nd through November 1st. The winner will be announced November 15th.
  • Spring applications are accepted from November 2nd through April 1st. The winner will be announced April 15th.

How Will the Winner Be Chosen?

ChooseWhat Founder, Leo Welder, will select the winning application. The winner will be largely based on the relevance of the examples used to demonstrate lessons learned and the quality of the writing.

What Will the Winner Receive?

The student with self employment experience submitting the best essay will receive a $1,000 scholarship in the form of a one-time check sent to the school’s Financial Department, to be applied directly toward the student’s current or upcoming semester tuition.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Spring, 2018: Matthew Stewart will graduate from Georgia Southern University in the Spring of 2020 with a degree in Construction Management. He has been accustomed to carving out his own way since he was a young boy. Tired of working exhausting hours, Matthew has started his own welding business that he has been successfully running alongside his studies. Read more about Mr. Stewart in our spring 2018 scholarship winner announcement!

Fall, 2017: Rachel Marcus will graduate in December and start a master’s program in Physician Assistant Studies at Yale University in January, 2018. When she first started college, Marcus was not able to find a job flexible enough to accommodate her class schedule. As a result, she created her own opportunity by starting a baby-sitting service. Read more about Ms. Marcus in our fall 2017 scholarship winner announcement!


ChooseWhat Spring 2017 Scholarship Davis JohnstonSpring, 2017: Davis Carl Johnston started his lawn maintenance business when he was only in seventh grade. Now in college pursuing a degree in land surveying and geomatics, he has expanded his business to include raking pine straw and leaves, hedge trimming, and small tree removal. Read more about Mr. Johnston in our spring 2017 scholarship winner announcement!


Joy Vick ChooseWhat Fall 2016 RecipientFall, 2016: Joy Elizabeth Vick, Fashion Design and Visual Communications major at Los Angeles Trade and Technical College, Class of 2018. Ms. Vick has been self-employed as a seamstress, wedding singer, and surface designer. Read more about Ms. Vick in our fall 2016 scholarship winner announcement!



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