Should You Use a Website Builder

Do You Need A Website?

website builder for small business

In this technology-driven age it would unwise to conduct business without a website. A website makes it easy for potential customers to find you quickly, learn more about your business and contact you without difficulty. Plus a website can act as your portfolio if you’re a retailer and can entice people to buy. But how should you go about building a website? Should you hire a designer or do-it-yourself with a website builder?

Advantages of Using a Website Builder

Website builders are incredibly simple, fast and convenient. If your site is not too complex with less than 10 webpages, and you have some design knowledge, you should be able to utilize a website builder with very little training. Most builders will assume you have little to no HTML coding skills, so you don’t need to be a computer whiz to become a website builder expert.

Website builders will have tons of templates for you to begin with, and you can simply drag and drop your information and photos. You can easily play around with the website layout and design with just a click of the mouse without ever losing any of your information. You also have a lot of options with website builders, such as Flash animation, polls, visitor counter, feedback forms and more.

Once you pick the website builder that fits your needs and master it, updating your site in the future will be a breeze. Online website editors make editing your site incredibly easy. While there are some free website builders out there, paid builders will allow you more options and have minimal monthly fees. Plus, you have the option of buying hosting packages with paid website builders.

Should You Ever Hire a Web Designer?

website designer for small business

If your website is easy to build and you’re comfortable with your chosen website builder, you may never need a website designer. However, there are a couple of instances when a designer would come in handy.

You have absolutely no design knowledge.

  • It can be daunting to tackle building a website (even with a builder) if you have no knowledge whatsoever of computer design. This may be a good instance when, if your budget allows it, a designer could be a good choice.

Your site is incredibly complex.

  • Website builders often come with dozens—and often hundreds—of great templates for you to use, but if your website needs to be more complicated than standard templates will allow, a designer might be helpful. Existing templates can always be modified; however, sometimes you can create such a big mess with multiple modifications that not even a professional can fix. If you know your website will be a big headache, even with easy-to-use builders, it might be best to start with one.

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