Top 5 To-do List Apps to Kick-start Productivity

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by responsibilities. We’ve all been there—maybe you can’t figure out where to start on a new project, or maybe reminders hastily scrawled on Post-its just aren’t cutting it anymore. There are countless reasons to use a to-do list app, and stress relief is a big one! Luckily, this roundup of great free options will have you meeting all of your deadlines with time to spare.

1.) 30/30 3030-logo

An app with a focus on time management, 30/30 is perfect for those who operate better under time constraints. The app employs a cycle concept that allows the user to work on a task of choice for 30 minutes, then take a break for the same amount of time. The time limit increases focus, while the break acts as a light at the end of the tunnel—ensuring that you’re doing your best work and avoiding distractions at all costs. For those of us who sadly can’t afford 30 minutes of play for every 30 minutes of work, the time limits are adjustable. While 30/30 may have a slightly more immediate focus than the typical to-do list app, it’s definitely good for a burst of productivity.

2.) EasilyDounnamed

Equal parts personal assistant and to-do list, this app takes productivity one step further. EasilyDo has your back on task management and pretty much everything else, boasting an impressive number of bonus features for a free application. Want to track shipments? EasilyDo will send you a notification when the package is out for delivery. Got a business trip coming up? EasilyDo tracks your flights and travel itineraries. The calendar function stores all of your events and even sends “time to go” notifications to ensure that you make it to that crucial business meeting. With additional options for integration of email, contacts, and social media, this comprehensive app will never let you forget anything again.

3.) Sociidot mzl.raktvpog

If EasilyDo is a personal assistant, Sociidot is a life coach. This app comes at the to-do list concept from a social angle, allowing users to invite others to advise them on their pursuit of an end goal. Definitely an app for the visually minded, Sociidot utilizes a “roadmap” concept that allows you to check off small steps, or “connect the dots,” to complete bigger tasks. The app even provides a customizable “vision board” to keep you focused on the big picture. If you have trouble staying motivated, this is the app for you.

4.) Wunderlistwunderlist-logo

This is an all-around great to-do list app for those who need to organize a high volume of tasks. Wunderlist’s clean, aesthetically pleasing interface allows you to create categories for task lists, add files, set reminders, add subtasks, take notes, use hashtags—virtually anything you need to make task completion as simple as possible. Wunderlist also has a strong collaborative component that makes it an ideal app for work projects.

5.) ZenDay1422000750_zenday6

For those who are easily overwhelmed, ZenDay is the answer. Both a task manager and a calendar, this app trains you to plan and prioritize by utilizing a unique 3D timeline feature. By holding you accountable through regular self-evaluations, the app allows you to discover patterns in your time management (or lack thereof). Rather than falling back into old habits of procrastination, you can learn from your mistakes and take steps to improve—increasing your overall productivity levels.

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