Why Order Business Cards Online?

You may have noticed we’ve updated ChooseWhat with a new section devoted to ordering business cards online. We’ve compared the most popular online business card printing sites in regards to pricing, design options, card stock and turnaround time in order to bring you the most comprehensive reviews.

Although many small business owners and entrepreneurs have created business cards using brick-and-mortar printing companies, there are several advantages to ordering business cards online.  Read below to learn why you should consider buying your business cards online.

Low Cost

The No. 1 reason small business owners order cards online is price. Online business card printing sites, such as VistaPrint or Uprinting, offer significantly lower prices than brick-and-mortar printing shops. Basic business cards created online can cost as low as one penny per card.

Do-It-Yourself Design

Online business card printing companies give you to ability to design and customize your card yourself. There are several sites that allow you to play around with a WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to edit the content of your business cards directly on the electronic representation of the card. And there are even a couple of sites that have a full design team that can create custom cards for you from scratch.

If your needs are fairly basic and you want to design cards yourself, you can always create your own card on WYSIWYG editors when you order online. The online editors are incredibly flexible, allowing you to upload a background image and move your text around. For the most basic cards, you can use templates from these sites, which help you create a professional design quickly.


When designing cards, you can easily upgrade the finish and card stock of your cards or opt for raised lettering. Upgrades allow you to customize your business cards based on your profession. For example, raised print creates an elegant, professional look, which many lawyers love. Conversely, a person in a creative profession may appreciate a glossy card instead of a plain, matte one. The stock of your business cards is also incredibly important. You don’t want a flimsy card if you’re passing them around to hundreds of new contacts at a trade show or other business function.

Turnaround Time

Not counting overnight shipping, you can typically receive your cards in as few as 3 days if you order them online. The typical turnaround for local printing companies is around 7 days, unless you want to pay extra to expedite them. If you need your cards in a hurry–or you’re just impatient–ordering cards online is a great option.

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