Create Your Menu and Set Business Hours

Creating your menu and setting your hours are two initial and important steps you should take when setting up your food trailer. You must create a menu and set hours before you can have marketing marketing printed.

Create Your Menu

  1. Consider what is important to you:
    • Shopping locally/seasonally?
    • Product that keeps a longer shelf life and cuts down costs? (e.g. A mac-and-cheese truck costs less in food prep than a bistro serving local cuisine.)
  2. Begin relationships with your food suppliers.
  3. Consider fluctuations in weather (only prep large amounts during good weather).

Set Your Business Hours

Establish your business hours and stay open when you say you are.

Next Steps

Once you have established your menu and business hours, you can create and distribute marketing materials, as well as participate in special events, festivals and catering gigs.


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