December 2019 Small Business Events

Holiday gifts are a great investment in the people you care about, and gift exchanges are just plain fun. It’s equally fun to buy something for yourself. If you want to give a gift to you and your business, consider attending a small business event. December is always a busy month. But, taking a little time to network and learn new things can reduce some of the holiday tension while offering rewards that you’ll see throughout the new year — and beyond.

December Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

Prescription For Growth (with Justin Roff-Marsh): Chicago

What it is: An opportunity to join a small group of owners and senior executives from mid-sized businesses to fashion a simple (but detailed) plan to expedite the growth of your organization. The session is presented by Justin Roff-Marsh, the author of The Machine.

When and where: December 3, 2019, Chicago, IL

Why it’s worth attending: The workshop offers five sessions, beginning with a simple, generic growth formula and progressing through the steps needed to actualize the formula.

Cost: $248

Product Management in an AI-First Word by Salesforce Sr. PM

What it is: A session directed toward Project Managers (PMs) who need to learn how to address the complexities of working with products across the physical and software arena.

When and where: December 5, 2019, San Francisco, CA or online

Why it’s worth attending: It explains how ideas and concepts become reality, and how a PM needs to work cross-functionally with many teams to retain control over a project during the initial idea phase and through to making product improvements after they are in consumers’ hands. Note that the online attendance option allows individuals to attend without traveling to the event.

Cost: Free in advance or online. $22.85 for tickets purchased at door. Free online viewing open to registered attendees.

From Day One

What it is: An event that is largely reserved for principals or organizations who area ready and able to effect change within businesses, industries, teams, and their community. It helps explain how to build stronger, more purposeful relationships with employees, customers, and community, starting today.

When and where: December 11, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Why it’s worth attending: It provides the opportunity to learn from founders, CEOs, and principals across HR, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent, Corporate Citizenship, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as media personalities and leaders from the Non-Government Organization (NGO) sector.

Cost: $249 + 16.79 fee, advance purchase until November 22. General Admission is $399 plus $25.92 fee, with sales ending on December 11.

Obtaining Financing for your Business (By Appointment Only)

What it is: The opportunity to schedule an appointment with the NYC Department of Small Business Services to learn about financing opportunities that will help you support and grow your business.

When and where: December dates vary by appointment, Jamaica, NY

Why it’s worth attending: Each session provides the individualized help that you need to secure a loan, acquire a line of credit, and create financial projections.

Cost: Free, but attendees must sign up for an appointment by November 22, 2019.

Tuesday Patent Class

What it is: Open to Georgia Tech students and the general public, this session provides essential information needed to protect inventions through the patent process. As a prerequisite, attendees must view certain videos available online.

When and where: December 17, 2019, Atlanta, GA

Why it’s worth attending: Anyone who invents new products needs to learn how to protect all things that go into their development as well as how to make sure that they meet patent requirements and recognize potential obstacles.

Cost: Free

Events in Austin

Change Management Foundation 3 Days Virtual Live Training in Austin TX

What it is: Three days of training that teaches the theories of how change impacts on and is affected by the individual, the team, the organization, and the change leader.

When and where: December 2, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It helps a variety of business professionals to identify and learn about the key models and tools that they can use to deal effectively with how change affects individuals within the organization.

Cost: $1,295 – $1,795

Innovate Austin Launch Party

What it is: An event that celebrates the launch of the book, Innovate Austin. This book, which is a compilation of stories from the Austin innovation ecosystem, is available at the event.

When and where: December 4, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: This event offers the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit while networking with local innovators and enjoying delicious snacks.

Cost: $25

Small Business Recordkeeping

What it is: A class taught by a University of Texas Instructor that teaches the basics about what records you need to create, how long to retain them, and how the information that you are required to collect is also valuable in growing your business.

When and where: December 10, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: In addition to learning basic record keeping skills for your small business, you can also earn one of the six-course requirements needed to earn Business Skills Certification.

Cost: $35

Pitch Deck Summit

What it is: An event intended to unlock the potential of those who will shape the world of tomorrow.

When and where: December 11 and 12, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It provides an intimate setting for investors and startups to make deals.

Cost: Startup pass: $500 per startup. Investor pass: $600

Negotiation for Purchasing and Procurement Training

What it is: This negotiation training workshop helps managers build needed skills for the purchasing and procurement process, which can drive better results for their organizations’ bottom lines.

When and where: December 12, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Participants learn how to strengthen negotiation skills through classroom games, role pay, and exercises. One-on-one personal feedback helps improve the ability to communicate and negotiate in complex and difficult negotiation sessions.

Cost: $995

Small Business Expo 2019 – AUSTIN

What it is: Touted as America’s biggest and most anticipated B2B networking event, trade show and conference.

When and where: December 17, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It offers the opportunity to network, participate in business-building workshops and seminars, find vendors, and learn from industry experts for anyone who is serious about starting or growing a business, or even just thinking about it.

Cost: Ranges from free to $100 (plus fees), based on registration type. Marketplace vendors pay $295 plus fees

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