November 2019 Small Business Events

Once the Halloween candy is gone, it will be time to put your sweet tooth away in favor of your hunger for business ideas and knowledge. Check out the following events, where you can acquire information and build your professional network. Most likely, there will still be food, but you’ll also get many awesome, calorie-free benefits.

November 2019 Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

Impact Mobility

What it is: North America’s most comprehensive mobility, data, and commercial strategy conference.

When and where: November 4 – 5, 2019, San Diego, CA

Why it’s worth attending: This event is touted as the only conference to unite private and public stakeholders to confront the monetization, scalability, and customer experience challenges facing mobility. Attendees will learn to use best practices, data strategies, and benchmarks that are designed to develop a scalable and profitable business model.

Cost: $1,795 Economy Pass that includes the two-day conference, networking breaks and exhibition. $1,995 Standard Pass also includes networking drinks reception, plus three other benefits.

November Why You? Why You Now? Prospecting Workshop with Hoffman

What it is: A workshop that helps reps of all experience levels, managers, and any customer-facing team members learn to build their pipelines and communicate better with prospects.

When and where: November 5, 2019, San Francisco, CA

Why it’s worth attending: It teaches attendees how to use tools like email and other social paradigms to get responses, manage inbound leads, handle objections, and much more.

Cost: $595

Cannabis 411: The Business of Legal Cannabis

What it is: This is a five-part seminar designed for people who are exploring entry into the Cannabis business. It focuses on five critical areas, from setup basics, including licensing, regulations, tax strategies, and financials.

When and where: November 9, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Why it’s worth attending: It provides access to information from experts in the industry, who share the legal, financial, and operational information needed to do it properly, while helping attendees take advantage of this growing and lucrative business while avoiding potentially-hefty fines.

Cost: $150 – $200

HR World 2019

What it is: This event provides a single venue that covers virtually everything that businesses need to know regarding Human Resource management.

When and where: November 14 – 15, 2019, Nashville, TN

Why it’s worth attending: It includes three conferences: one on recruiting, one about HR compliance, and one that looks at high-tech workforce development techniques using gamification, story-telling, and more.

Cost: $1,996. Multiple participant discounts are available.

Tech Up for Women Conference

What it is: This is a one-day event for the advancement of women through technology education, resources, and networking.

When and where: November 19, 2019, New York, NY

Why it’s worth attending: Covering cyber security, block chain, SI, Security, and much more, this event provides resources and opportunities for women who want to improve their digital literacy and successfully compete and disrupt gender imbalance in work environments. Its main purpose is to remove the fear factor from technology and empower women to surf the technology wave.

Cost: $350 full access plus $21.10 fee

Overview of SBA Programs and Services

What it is: This workshop explains the various Small Business Administration (SBA) programs and services that are available to entrepreneurs seeking assistance in starting or expanding their business ventures.

When and where: November 21, 2019, Atlanta, GA (Other dates available)

Why it’s worth attending: It provides valuable information on programs and services that can be invaluable to anyone starting or running a small business.

Cost: Free, but registration required.

Events in Austin

Economic Update by Dr. Mark Dotzour

What it is: This is a premier commercial real estate event starring Dr. Mark G. Dotzour, formerly of Texas A&M Real Estate Center. Entitled, “The Economic Outlook for Investors and Decision Makers,” the presentation will be entertaining and insightful.

When and where: November 6, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: The event offers the chance to obtain an economic outlook from an award winner in his field. Attendees can choose their own seats in theater-style seating, and even grab a bit of breakfast prior to the program.

Cost: $50, early bird, available until November 4.

Google: Help Customers Find You!

What it is: This class is taught by a University of Texas Instructor. It teaches participants the techniques that they can use to make their businesses stand out on Google for free.

When and where: November 6, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It helps attendees understand the importance of an online presence and teaches tools that they may not know about to connect to customers. The class counts toward the six-course requirement needed to earn a Business Skills Certification.

Cost: $35

The State of Business in Austin

What it is: This is an in-depth look into the state of business in the region.

When and where: November 7, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Offers the opportunity to hear from local experts about what makes the Austin region ideal for growth while making sure that your business is poised to thrive now that Austin has experienced a tremendous economic upswing. It offers two hours of continuing education as recognized by Texas Real Estate Commission #36814 and Provider Central Texas Commercial Association of Realtors #0598.

Cost: $40

How to Influence with Tactical Empathy

What it is: This one-day event focuses on equipping attendees with the tactical empathy tools that they need to be heard, overcome objections, and close deals with fewer counter-offers. Three post-event group coaching sessions help participants succeed in applying these skills. Prerequisites: reading “Never Split The Difference” or prior attendance at a Black Swan Event.

When and where: November 22, 2019, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: It teaches attendees to use empathy to better connect with the individuals who receive your proposals, objectives and terms to ensure that the message is heard and understood clearly.

Cost: $1,750 (group), $1,899 individual), or $1,799 (Individual early-bird, up to October 22nd)

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