July Small Business Events

In our selection of small business events this month you will discover programs presented by organizations that want to see your small business grow and succeed! Such conferences, workshops, and classes will provide your small business or start-up with the opportunities and resources necessary to expand your community, grow your clientele, further your knowledge of running a small business, and will introduce you to the latest tools and trends designed to level the playing fields for businesses of all sizes.

Small Business Conferences July 2018

Events Around the Country

Minorities in Business – July Networking Event

What it is: A networking event presented by Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization.

When and where: July 3, Springfield, MO

Why it’s worth attending: This event will be particularly helpful to entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the Springfield, MO area. Get to know local minority business owners and discover local business resources.

 Cost: free



What it is: A two and a half hour course designed to support new business owners or those considering to start a small business.

When and where: July 7, Henderson, NV

Why it’s worth attending: Economic Development Specialist for the Nevada Small Business Development Center at UNLV, Kegan McMullan, will be instructing the course. His role is to equip aspiring business owners with the tools they need to start and/or grow their businesses.

Cost: Free


2018 LULAC National Convention

 What it is: “The premier Hispanic convention”, The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) national convention brings together over 15,000 participants involved in several avenues of business, including the realm of small businesses and start-ups.

When and where: July 17-21, Phoenix, AZ

Why it’s worth attending: Aside from the Expo and numerous fairs included in the 5-day event, LULAC also offers several seminars with enlightening topics for small business owners and aspiring business owners such as, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Health Care, Leadership, and Technology.

Cost: Free



What it is: A conference presented by ChallengeHER, a national initiative to boost government contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses (WOSB) with a special focus on the WOSB Federal Contracting Program.

When and where: July 19, Arlington, VA

Why it’s worth attending: If you are a woman running a small business or thinking about starting one, ChallengeHER is ripe with resources explicitly matching your profile. The conference highlights topics such as, navigating federal contracting, marketing plans, funding, subcontracting to prime vendors, writing winning proposals, understanding federal buyers, match making and much more.

Cost: Free


 Small Business Series Master Class: Twin Cities

What it is: A multifaceted conference brought to you by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with MetLife, complete with networking, community building, informative business strategizing seminars and guest speakers with inspiring success stories.

When and where: July 24, Minneapolis, MN

Why it’s worth attending: Hear motivating stories from industry disruptors and business leaders who built their businesses from the ground up. Learn about the latest tools and growth strategies that can help elevate your business.

Cost: $50, member’s discount $25


AFCEA Small Business Innovation Summit

What it is: “A unique opportunity to highlight innovative processes, products and solutions” presented by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), a non-profit association advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence and security. The AFCEA organizes such events because they believe that the small business sector is where innovation in many venues occurs, ultimately leading to professional growth in communities world-wide.

When and where: July 26, Vienna, VA

Why it’s worth attending: The summit will include networking, keynote addresses, panel discussions, and several breakout sessions focused on technologies and game-changing processes. Conversations will include the following topics: Zero Trust, Artificial Intelligence, Dev Ops, 5G, Blockchain, The Space Revolution.

Cost: AFCEA Members $295; Non-members $345

3rd Annual Blockchain Conference

What it is: A conference created to explain and discuss Blockchain with sectors of finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups; keeping them up to date with the latest additions, rules and regulations.

When and where: July 26 – 27, Washington DC

Why it’s worth attending: For those curious about how the Blockchain system works –  learn how the self-reliant data infrastructure can reduce costs and allow for small businesses and start-ups to more equally compete with advantageous big businesses.

Cost: Multi-ticket Earlybird $199; Earlybird $249; Standard $1,149


2nd Annual Fintech Week

What it is: An event focused on advancements in financial technology, hosted by Fintech Worldwide Ltd., a global innovation network that focuses on technology and transformation in finance and Blockchain.

When and where: July 31 – August 2, New York, NY

Why it’s worth attending: As small business owners, it’s important to stay up to date with new technologies. Gain an understanding of what is happening in the global marketplace as currency and data exchange begins to adopt new methods. Topics on Financial Technology will include payments, regulation, capital markets, investment, insurance and banking.

Cost: Ranging from $200 – $2,000


Austin, TX Events

Payments Education for Small Businesses – Austin

What it is: An educational session presented by EPMG Advisors, which focuses on management of electronic payment from the merchants’ perspective, including cards, ACH, as well as newer innovations in payment.

When and where: July 5, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: The course will be taught by the payment professionals at EPMG, who consider themselves seasoned professionals on payment ecosystems, management services, and market practices. Learn industry proven problem-solving skills designed to lead you toward maximizing the value of your payments portfolio.

Cost: Free


Business Law Basics

What it is: Presented by BiGAUSTIN, this workshop provides the basic legal information that all business owners need to know. It’s especially useful for those ready to start a small business of their own but unsure of where to begin.

When and where: July 6, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: You will walk away with a resource packet complete with tips on getting started, pros and cons for each business entity, knowledge of contract law and how to use contracts to boost your business.

Cost: Free – registration required


 Taxpayer Seminar for Small Business

What it is: A seminar led by representatives from the Comptroller’s Office, detailing the process of filing taxes as a small business in Texas.

When and where: July 10, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Because filing taxes can get messy, especially for those unfamiliar with business tax rules, record keeping, discounts and penalties, which are just a few of the discussion points on the agenda.

Cost: Free


Finding Hidden Markets for Business Growth

What it is: A session focused on finding hidden revenue through diversification lead by Brian Marshall, the Director of Entrepreneurship for BCL of Texas.

When and where: July 10, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Learn about new marketing campaigns that can attract new customers, adding value to your services and raising your revenue.

Cost: $15


BizAid Business Orientation

What it is: A session brought to you by the City of Austin’s Small Business Program geared toward those in the process of starting a business or those with existing businesses looking to reassess their progress.

When and where: July 11, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: You will be provided with questions designed to analyze the status of your business and resources to move it in the right direction – toward meeting newly established goals.

Cost: Free


Austin Blockchain Collective – Town Hall Meeting & Company Showcase

What it is: An evening event organized to introduce the Austin community to the Blockchain Collective and the various local companies utilizing the Blockchain system.

When and where: July 12, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: This is an opportunity to learn how other small businesses are using Blockchain to simplify, secure and speed up business transactions. The event includes ‘lightning’ presentations from local Blockchain and Crypto companies, followed by networking and business relationship forming, topped off with an after party at the Omni Bar.

Cost: Free – registration required


Test Before You Invest: The Lean Startup Method

What it is: A session presented by the City of Austin Small Business Program that focuses on the benefits of starting your business using minimum viable resources.

When and where: July 17, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Learn what the “Lean start-up process” is and how it can save you time, money and energy before investing to build your business.

Cost: $15


Using Credit Wisely

What it is: A class presented by BiGAUSTIN for those with any question concerning the use of credit.

When and where: July 18, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Fear of taking out a line of credit or using credit improperly will only hinder the growth of your business. This class is a great opportunity to dive in and clarify any confusion, doubts, or uncertainties about using credit.

Cost: $15


 3 Day Startup Global Roundup 2018

What it is: An annual gathering of entrepreneurs and investors presented by 3 Day Roundup, whose mission is to spread entrepreneurial potential through experiential education.

When and where: July 20, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Engage with Austin’s exciting start-up and innovation community at this exciting event, which also includes three days of educational sessions for new or aspiring business owners.

Cost: $30 – $300

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