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Email marketing is a great way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and clients by regularly sending out emails with promotions, tips, tools, advertisements, and more. Email marketing services make it easy to create and send out email campaigns while keeping your marketing costs at a minimum. With mobile email marketing apps, marketers can now send email campaigns and track campaign reports on the go. Here are some of the top mobile email marketing apps:

GetResponse iPhone App

GetResponse’s free iPhone app makes managing an email marketing campaign even easier GetResponse iPhone Appthan before. An account with GetResponse is required to access the app. Its plan starts as low as $14.00 for 500 contacts. With the app, you can schedule emails to be sent out, create plain-text emails on the go, and preview versions of your newsletter before sending it out to your contacts.  You can also import contacts from your iPhone address book into your email campaigns or add contacts manually to your contact list.

Additionally, this app allows you to search through your contacts and view their details in real-time. The app also provides easy-to-read charts showing open rates, clicks, bounces, and other reporting statistics.

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Constant Contact iPhone App

Constant Contact offers a free app for iPhone users to go along with its Constant Contact Constant Contact iPhone Appaccount. It offers a plan for $15.00 that comes with 500 contacts. This app has many great features, including being able to create, edit, and preview your newsletters.  You can also schedule draft emails, resend campaigns, and view archived emails. The app comes with 10 mobile templates to choose from to help you create your email campaign.

The app also comes with valuable reporting features, such as being able to view which of your contacts clicks, opens, shares, forwards, and unsubscribes from your newsletter. Like with the GetResponse iPhone app, you can import contacts from your iPhone address book. It also makes it easy to search through your contact database and make changes to your contacts’ individual records.

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Included below are additional email marketing services which also offer an iPhone app:

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