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Online fax services are becoming increasingly popular as people move away from the cumbersome traditional fax machine. Online fax services are a more efficient and cost-effective method of sending and receiving faxes. With online fax services now increasingly offering mobile apps, users can access their account and manage their faxes right from their phone. Here are a few of the top mobile fax apps:

MetroFax iPhone App

MetroFax offers a free app for iPhone users to go along MetroFax iPhone Appwith its MetroFax account. The Essential plan comes with 500 combined pages and costs $9.95 per month. With the MetroFax app, you can address faxes by using the contact information from your phone. When sending a fax, you can easily add a cover page or attach documents, as well as preview your fax before sending it out.

You have the option of sending faxes from your device or you can access your files from services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, SugarSync and You can also send a fax-optimized image from your phone’s camera. The app helps you keep track of your fax page balance for the month. In addition to the iPhone, the MetroFax app is available on Android.

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eFax iPhone App

The eFax iPhone app is free for users with an eFax eFax iPhone Appaccount. The eFax Plus plan costs $16.95 per month and comes with 150 incoming and 150 outgoing pages. This app allows you to create and send faxes by taking photos of the documents you want to send, enhancing the images, and then faxing them. You can also search for and view all of your received faxes. With this app, you can create customized cover sheets and use your iPhone contact list to address faxes.

This app had some functionality problems in the past, but these issues have been resolved with the new version. Faxes can be marked with search tags to make them easily accessible at a later date. You have the option of forwarding your messages as a fax or an email. This app is also available for the Android.

Other online fax services that offer an iPhone app include MaxEmail,  MyFax and RingCentral.

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