November 2018 Small Business Events

Every month at ChooseWhat we compile a list of small business events around the country and here in Austin, TX that we find interesting and think will be useful to the small business and startup community. It is always a good time to get out on the playing field and see first hand what trends and strategies other small business owners are using to boost their potential for development and growth. Some of these events have limited capacity or require registration in advance – be sure not to miss out on the conference, workshop, or course designed specifically to enlighten your small business senses.

November Small Business Events

Events Around the Country

Entrepreneur City Live

What it is: A large-scale small business conference with expert speakers focused on topics such as, finance, social media, visibility and the goal-achieving-mindset.

When and where: November 1-2, Charlotte, NC

Why it’s worth going: This conference will be an intensive 2-day (3 with VIP pass) educational experience for small business owners – 10 panelists will cover topics such as, Online Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Business Development, Visibility and PR, Product Development and Pricing, Effective Sales Strategies and more. Keynote speakers, such as investment expert Loral Langemeier, will share tips, tactics and strategies designed to help blossoming businesses prosper. Network with 500+ entrepreneurs and small business owners during the after hours events.

Cost: $597


Small Business Legal Academy – Los Angeles

What it is: A morning workshop of legal advice for LA’s small business community presented by top lawyers from various legal firms – sponsored by Los Angeles Women’s Business Center.

When and where:  November 3, Los Angeles, CA

Why it’s worth attending:  In addition to the legal advice – which will cover topics such as, entity formation, small business tax, intellectual property, employment law basics, contracts basics, and more – attendees will also have the chance to receive one-on-one, free legal consulting

Cost:  Free


International Business Expo – Chicago

What it is: The 2nd annual business Expo presented by Global Executive Council Services. This year’s theme truly resonates with our mission here at ChooseWhat: Resources and Opportunities to Strengthen Small Businesses.

When and where:  November 6, Chicago, IL

Why it’s worth attending:  The Expo intends to unite minority small businesses, technology companies, education institutions, and technology think tanks as a means of providing new information, resources and tech trends for small businesses.

Cost:  $81.24 – $793.86


Small Business Expo – Atlanta

What it is: One of America’s biggest events for entrepreneurs and business owners including workshops, networking, and the potential for obtaining leads and funding.

When and where:  November 15, Atlanta, GA

 Why it’s worth attending:  Atlanta is part of America’s “Tech 25” – fully equipped to help entrepreneurs meet their business goals. That is why the Small Business Expo team chose Atlanta for their November exhibit – to bring industry leaders to the main stage and further support this lively startup and small business community.

Cost:  Free – $100


Brooklyn Small Business Resource Fair (Sunset Park)

What it is: A fair hosted by the NYC Department of Small Business Services providing information about free resources for local small businesses.

When and where:  November 16, Brooklyn, NY

Why it’s worth attending:  Multiple agencies representing different city departments (for example – the Department of Buildings, the Department of Sanitation, the Department of Consumer Affairs, plus many more) will be in attendance – they will be answering questions about commonly issued business violations and how to avoid them.

Cost:  Free


Small Business Funding Forum – San Diego

What it is: A 2.5 hour workshop for those looking to raise capital to start or grow their small business – with information on requirements for funding, lending programs, and how to approach a lender or investor,

When and where:  November 27, National City, CA

Why it’s worth attending:  Hear from leading bankers, alternative financiers, investors and industry experts on how to find the financial support your small business needs to thrive.

Cost:  Free


Motivation and Engagement | Designing Strategies for Small Business Owners

What it is: A workshop designed to strategize methodical approaches to engagement and motivation in the workplace – for business owners and their employees.

When and where:  November 27, Chevy Chase, MD

Why it’s worth attending:  Especially designed for small business owners, CEOs, and women entrepreneurs – this workshop’s goal is to find methodical solutions for those who realize the importance of keeping momentum in the workplace, but understand stress and burnout can interfere.

Cost:  $134.24


Events in Austin

Payments Education for Small Businesses

What it is: A monthly seminar designed to educate merchants on the variety of payment methods, such as electronic payments – cards, ACH, and more

When and where: November 1, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Taught by an expert in payment systems, the seminar will cover topics such as, How Merchants View their Payments, How Merchants Evaluate Vendors, What is Payment Management and Why it is Needed.

Cost: Free


Ask an Attorney: Business Documents Don’t Have to Drive You Crazy

What it is: A Brainstorming Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs joint Meetup hosted by the Business Success Center – where the basics of dealing with critical business documents will be discussed.

When and where: November 6, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Paula Pierce, business attorney, will cover the most commonly used business documents, their importance, and how they should be handled. Following her presentation she will answer questions about documents your business receives and generates.

Cost: Free


Austin Women Entrepreneurs Networking

What it is: A monthly meeting of Austin’s most motivating and inspirational women entrepreneurs – network, learn about valuable resources, share experiences and ideas, and form friendships.

When and where: November 7, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the Austin business community, women with any level of business interest will surely benefit from networking with like-minded women. Take this opportunity to hear from others what has worked for them or to use your personal business experiences to mentor those who feel disoriented in the community. To learn more about AWE (Austin Women Entrepreneurs) visit:

Cost: $52.44 – $419.94


BizAid Business Orientation

What it is: A session providing information on opening a small business or re-examining a growing business presented by City of Austin Small Business Program.

When and where: November 7, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: This session will cover key questions small business owners should continuously ask themselves throughout the development of their business. Attendees will also be provided with a valuable list of resources that can be useful to their businesses on many levels.

Cost: Free


Social Media Best Practices

What it is: A class that teaches small businesses how they can use social media to generate better rankings within their marketplace – presented by City of Austin Small Business Program.

When and where: November 8, Austin, TX

 Why it’s worth attending: This quick course is sure to enlighten small business owners, as businesses worldwide are using social media to increase their brand image, develop stronger customer relations, expand their customer base, as well as improve their ROI – take this opportunity to understand the do’s and don’ts of social media. Additionally, for those interested, this course counts toward earning your Business Skills Certification, which includes a total of 6 courses taught by a University of Texas Instructors.

 Cost: $35


Small Business Financing Workshop

What it is: An introduction to current trends in accessing capital for small business owners followed by detailed instructions on how to apply for the SBA Small Loan Advantage V2 through Superior Financial Group.

When and where: November 15, Austin, TX

Why it’s worth attending: This session will be lead by expert U.S. Small Business Administration SBA Lender – Sue Malone. She will guide start-ups, existing businesses and SBA approved franchises toward obtaining unsecured, working capital loans starting at $5,000 up to $150,000.

Cost: $15

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