November: Small Business Events

Small business events are a great way to broaden your knowledge and network, whether it’s within a specific industry or among more general group of business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s our selection of November events taking place around the country, as well as in ChooseWhat’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Click on each event’s title to be directed to a site with more information.

September Business Events

Building Business Capability

What it is: A conference that provides insight into business analysis, architecture, process, rules, decisions, and strategy.

Where and when: November 6-10, Orlando

Why it’s worth attending: Take advantage of formal & informal networking opportunities to learn from like-minded peers from a vast span of companies and organizations across the globe.

Cost: $2,320 – $3,060


Influencer Marketing Conference

What it is: A conference featuring marketers from multinational brands, platforms, and agencies.

Where and when: November 8, London

Why it’s worth attending: Topics include current skills and also future trends, like marketing automation, ROI in influencer marketing, and FTC compliance.

Cost: £495 – £595


Small Business Expo

What it is: A nationwide B2B trade show, conference, and networking event that takes place in 18 U.S. cities, including Atlanta this November.

Where and when: November 9, Atlanta

Why it’s worth attending: This one-day expo offers a wide range of workshops, seminars, and presentations from top industry experts, plus a chance to network.

Cost: Free


Structure Conference

What it is: A conference on the business of Cloud Computing and Infrastructure.

Where and when: November 14-15, San Francisco

Why it’s worth attending: Network and explore topics increasingly relevant to a wide variety of businesses that include AI and the cloud, edge cloud networks, cloud security, and new technologies.

Cost: $747 – $1,295



Austin Area Events


BizAid Business Orientation

What it is: BizAid Business Orientation from the City of Austin’s Economic Development department provides a general overview of opening a small business or re-evaluating an existing business during its growth

Where and when: November 7, Entrepreneur Center of Austin, 4029 South Capital of Texas Highway

Why it’s worth attending: Learn the key questions to consider when developing your business and get the resources to take you to the next level.

Cost: Free


PowerUp Austin

What it is: One in a series of networking events that include a hosted round table discussion on a variety of topics by serial entrepreneurs and game changers.

Where and when: November 14, Redbud Center, 3601 Lake Austin Boulevard

Why it’s worth attending: Topics will focus on information to help business leaders succeed and grow skills and customer base in an atmosphere for solutions-driven conversations.

Cost: $25 – $35


Brainstorming on Business Models

What it is: A new program from the Austin Entrepreneurial Brainstorming Meetup and the Business Success Center.

Where and when: November 14, Business Success Center, 7600 Burnet Rd #130

Why it’s worth attending: Have enough ideas but no way to organize them? Or too many ideas and no focus? This event will help you build your ideas into a business.

Cost: Free


Small Business 101

What it is: Small Business 101 is offered by the City of Austin and covers the basics of starting your business.

Where and when: November 15, Austin City Hall, 301 West 2nd Street Council Chambers

Why it’s worth attending: Learn about the essentials of becoming credit ready, and where to find small business support and educational resources.

Cost: Free

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