Who Should Use Online Fax?

A Breakdown of Frequent Internet Fax Users

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While online fax services are gaining in popularity, they aren’t right for every business. If your company is pretty large and you send a lot of faxes on a regular basis, traditional faxing may still be your best option. However, if you fit into any of the following categories, you should really think about ditching the fax machine for an online fax service.

Environmentally-friendly businesses

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Traditional faxing can take a toll on the environment. With all that paper constantly being printed, the amount of energy being used, and the frequent replacement of ink and toner cartridges, fax machines create a lot of waste. Online faxing is a great option for those who want an alternative to producing a ton of waste and want a greener workplace.

Mobile businesses

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With the invention of Smartphones, employees are able to make decisions more quickly and take their businesses mobile. When you have the luxury of receiving every fax via email, you are able to get access to documents with the click of a button, making your job easier outside the office.

Virtual offices

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Many freelancers and other small business owners work from home. With this office setup, it can be pretty difficult to have the room for a fax machine. In a virtual office, being able to fax easily over the Internet would make your life simpler and cut down the costs of having a dedicated fax line and a machine.

Infrequent faxers

If your company faxes every single day, then having a traditional machine might be best option for your needs. However, not every business faxes regularly. If you fax only occasionally it’s not really cost-effective to have a fax machine, a physical fax line, and an assortment of ink and toner for something you hardly use. Because many business documents need to be faxed rather than mailed, it’s important to have the option to send faxes, and online fax is a great solution.

Businesses with security concerns

HIPAA compliancy

In traditional faxing, documents can sit on the machine waiting for their recipients while everyone sifts through received faxes, making confidential documents very public. With online fax, a specific number of email addresses are added to the service, allowing only the intended recipient the ability to view important faxes. If you’re worried about your documents being seen by others, you should learn more about online fax services.

The ability to fax over the internet is a great option for small businesses who don’t want to buy a costly machine they may not use regularly.

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