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facebook_logo_detailIf your business uses Facebook as part of its social media strategy, there are some big changes that have taken place recently to be aware of.

This spring, Facebook made a series of algorithm changes that sharply reduced the organic reach of page posts. This was Facebook’s way of prompting organizations and businesses to pay for greater reach. (Hint: by eliminating “preview” windows that automatically pop up with links, you can increase your reach, but it means you’ll be posting with no image).

Another, more recent update, has changed the way stories that are shared automatically from third parties will appear in the news feed. Those stories will now receive a lower ranking in news feeds, while stories shared by users through a third party will rank higher. In other words, a story that a user chooses to share through a third party will get more eyes on it than automatically generated posts from the same third party. That change will affect app developers and marketers the most.

So what, if anything, should businesses do about these changes?

Marketing experts recommend building a presence on other social networks alongside Facebook, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Using a branded hashtag – and tools like Hashtag Gallery – will make it easier to follow responses to the same hashtag across several networks.

Don’t neglect other forms of communication, including email newsletters or online ads, and encourage your Facebook followers to sign up for your email newsletter. And if you have the budget, consider paying Facebook for social media ads. Paid ads allow you to reach more specific audiences with specific goals, rather than simply building a base of followers.

And finally, remember that content really is important, as is the time of day you post. If the content is compelling, people will share it and interact with

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